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Canadian Seal Hunt – Quota 250,000+

header3_final2.jpgThere are many animal rights issues that I advocate, but this one tops the charts.

Imagine a dog, cat, or a furry friend barely 2 weeks old – fresh into the world alongside its mother. Now imagine watching men in black with bull hooks, machetes and shotguns, blowing off, skinning, and bashing its head in, not quite killing it. Imagine it being left to die in agony, while its mother cries out in a heartbreaking sound.It’s another year for the Canadian Seal Hunt. This issue is highly controversial and it’s increasingly gaining public protest and outcry against such a barbaric practice, all in the name of baby white pelts and what Canada claims to help boost their economy. A sorry excuse to carry out a senseless tradition and a few lousy bucks. 

If you can stomach it, watch the video on the site (I can’t), but if you can’t, spread the word by signing up, petition, donate, post threads, write the Canadian government, boycott their products. Or simply just be aware of this issue is good enough. Visit site for more information on how you can help. 


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