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The Power of Education

After watching Oprah’s special on Puppy Mills, it breaks my heart even more to see what actually is happening to dogs today. But with that comes great hope, because it just starts with one major show on TV to educate people about a subject that most never even know about. I’m certain that after watching this show, people will make smarter choices about getting a dog. Thank you Oprah and Lisa Ling. Thank you Wayne from the Humane Society of the United States, for bringing this important subject to light. 

Adopt from shelters, one-third of dogs in shelter are pure breeds if you want a specific one. Check out breed rescues, spay and neuter your pets. Save a life and help prevent more from being euthanized (about 15,000 per shelter per year) Think of how many dogs’ and cats’ lives are taken and put into city dumps. Yeah, they dump their poor bodies into the landfill.


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