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The Ugliness of the Circus

When I was a little kid, my summer camp instructor took us to the circus. I was overjoyed at seeing all the acrobats do all these amazing stunts. The show was full of animals and they performed gloriously at the snap of a finger, and I thought how wonderful it all was. I thought they were so obedient and had wondered if I could get my pets to do tricks too. Now that I’ve grown up I have come to the horrific conclusion that not only is animal performance unnatural, it is extremely cruel.

Elephants are captured in the wild either from Africa, Thailand or India, usually as infants kidnapped from their herd, and shipped back to our country to endure long, painful lives in chains. They are often beaten with bull hooks and starved when they don’t obey their handlers. Along with them, other animals such as bears, tigers, monkeys are forced to travel long hours, wear uncomfortable costumes, eat poor diets and abused in some way in order to perform tricks over and over again. Have you ever heard in the news where elephants or tigers that suddenly went crazy on their masters, even killing some of them, in order to escape? They are disheartened, sick, and hopeless creatures, living in fear each day for the rest of their lives.

Kindly consider this the next time you want to bring your kid to the circus. Do you want you child to learn that it is okay to treat animals in such a way for the sake of entertainment? Go see Cirque De Soleil, a people-only circus, among many nowadays which are all amazing. Boycott Ringling and Barneys- they are closely watched by PETA and many animal welfare organizations. Visit Performing Animals Welfare Society and learn more about the subject or make a donation!


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  1. animabee says:

    The link that the above commentator provided is created by Ringling themselves. Of course they will project an image that they care about the elephants. There’s even a link that speaks of elephant breeding program for the circus. That’s just terrible. These animals are meant to be roamed free in the wild, or be kept in good research zoos otherwise. I would also say calling them an OUTSTANDING organization is outrageous. The very fact that they MAKE animals do silly tricks like jumping through hoops and riding bikes and dressed in ridiculous costumes make anyone see that they do not “value” the animals’ lives as they should be. Nice post Jenny!

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