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Extinction: Polar Bear

We will miss them when they are gone—and it’s happening, rapidly. With global warming so apparent, arctic animals such as the great Polar Bear is decreasing in numbers more quickly than ever. With the ice caps melting from warmer climate, the arctic-sea ice habitat they completely depend on, polar bears will find it harder to breed. It will be tougher for them hunt for food, hibernate. They will have fewer cubs and less will survive from the shortage of food, their mother’s milk. They will be unable to swim longer distances between the broken ice sheets. They will grow tired and drown. It has been reported more often now that dead polar bears are found in water and land.

Another plight that is facing polar bears is the government loopholes that allows Americans (and other countries) to hunt them in Canada and bring them back to the States, for skin, fur, and as trophies. This is an abomination, since they’re already suffering from the climate change. There is reportedly only 25,000+ of them left around the world (this is a low number) comparing to the millions 50 years ago.

While many people feel that there are other more important issues to think about– this one must not be ignored. Global warming affects us all, as we know already—the more ice caps melt, the sooner and more definite, our waterfront cities will be immersed by sea-rising oceans. Polar bears are on the top of the food chain, and when they disappear, the balance of life as we know it will be altered forever. Seal population will rise (yet giving Canada an excuse to hunt them). Arctic foxes and birds will have nothing to scavenge and eventually die too.

As for me, they are just too precious to not give a damn about. We’d miss them when they’re all gone. Read more about this issue here. Do your part to help lessen the effects of global warming, and keep informed.


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