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Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition (BARC)

A good friend of mine began volunteering to walk dogs and care for cats for BARC, a non-profit, no-kill animal shelter based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Barc’s mission is to provide safe haven for the many homeless animals and find permanent, loving homes for them. The operation is made possible by volunteers, donations and revenue generated from their pet supplies business. My friend says they have many great dogs and cats waiting to be adopted. I think what he’s doing is so wonderful and everyone should try it — it must be such a rewarding feeling. If you’re interested, BARC is located at 253 Wythe Avenue (at North 1st Street), Williamsburg Brooklyn in NYC. Click here more for info on BARC.


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2 Responses

  1. haj says:

    good to know there’s a another great pet rescue resource. Gotta keep it in mind when we consider another cat in the future!

  2. Rex says:

    Volunteering is really a great thing to do. It’s both helping others and rewarding yourself at the same time. It’s always a win-win situation. Each time I finish the project, I just feel so grateful for what I have in life. Those cats and dogs really have helped me more than what I’ve done for them.

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