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Kentucky Derby Horse Injured and Enthuasized

In my previous post about Carriage-drawn horses, I’ve also noted that horse-racing is another cruelty issue. Yes we’ve all seen the movie Seabiscuit and its triumphantly touching story, and there’s no doubt that most of these horses are treated okay for their value. However no good can come of horse-racing. It destroys people’s lives as they gamble their life-savings away on the tracks, and the animals themselves go through rigorous training since a young age, then whipped mercilessly to race in warp speed to get to the finish line. Again, my opinion of animals being used for any form of entertainment is that it is inhumane.

At the Kentucky Derby this Saturday, a horse named Eight Belles sped to its final stretch, then collapsed. Both its ankles were snapped, rendering the horse immobilized and therefore put down as she laid on the dirt. Like Barbaro’s death before hers, many other race horses suffer similar fate that we do not see. Over-extended training, battered bodies (by whips and pure exhaustion), and broken legs are shield from the public eye.

By the way, my late grandfather at one point spent everyday after he retirement at the OTB. He gambled most of his and my grandmother’s money away, leaving little money for their next generations. That money could have been put to much better use.


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