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Victory on Factory Farming

Recently there has been a lot of news on factory farming cruelty exposed by the HSUS in one of the largest recall on cattle meat in recently history. The USDA today announced a complete ban on the slaughter of downed cattle for human consumption. In the past, there had been no real inspection practices in slaughter trails and auctions. Sick and crippled cows, too frail to walk to the slaughter line were electrocuted, kicked, forklifted, and forcefully dragged to be slaughtered—just plain needless torment for the cows. This is not only extremely inhumane but also poses major health risks for people as sick animals subject us to diseases such as ecoli, mad cow diseases.

This is a major victory – now that the loophole is closed we will only hope that this will be carried out. The HSUS and other animal welfare organizations will push for stronger federal legislation to ensure humane euthanasia of downers and protect farm animals from abuse. Read the full article here.

Just because we eat them, doesn’t mean they should suffer and die in such an awful way. We are what we eat. The better we treat the animals, the less chance we will subject ourselves to health risks. Better yet, go organic or become vegetarian.

(photo: a downed cow left to suffer at auction – from HSUS)


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