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Stop Puppy Mills in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is notorious for their awful treatment of dogs at puppy mills in the U.S. The abysmal conditions at the mills have been widely documented. Please help by signing the petition here (at Care2 Petition site) to urge Congress to pass a bill that will require them to provide better medical care for and improve the wellbeing of the dogs. Take action now – it only takes a minute to sign the petition (we still need 38,000 signatures!) Do it now! Thank you kind people!
Photo from Care2’s site.


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3 Responses

  1. Josh says:

    There’s just no justification for this. Building a business off the wholesale breeding of another species leads to abuses, we know this from history, it’s time to end it. As the caretakers of this planet it’s our responsibility to know better and to act accordingly.

  2. saidkhorram says:

    Now we can help the dogs in puppy mills to have a much better life. Please spread the word!!!!

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