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Eating Meat vs. Opposing Fur

It’s a bit of an oxymoron being a carnivore and an animal advocate. I eat only beef, chicken, fish and a little bit of bacon but that’s it. I won’t add another animal to my list. It is a conundrum and I’m not proud of it.

I oppose the fur industry as well as anything that breeds and kills an animal for fashion. Some people will say to me “isn’t it hypocrisy to eat an animal but preach that wearing one is wrong – it’s the same thing.” But I don’t think it is that black and white, and it’s a lazy and lame excuse to justify that wearing fur to look fabulous is okay.

In ancient times, humans killed animals for survival- flesh for food, skin and fur for warmth, and other parts used for tools and gear. This is not necessary any longer in modern society. Take a cow for instance, when you slaughter it, you use its flesh for food, its skin for leather— you use ALL of the animal for some purpose. When you strip a fox, bear, tiger, even dog or cat, racoon of its fur, the rest of the animal is mostly discarded. The same goes for breeding sheep and shaving its precious coat for fine wool. They are often castrated without anesthesia and cut so deep while being shaved they bleed and die. This is why fur is wrong. This is why this matter is not that black and white.

Not that I think eating meat is a good thing—it is not really healthy for humans, but when I eat an animal, I choose eating the ones that did not die in vain or in the name of fashion. I choose eating the ones that I know all its parts went to use in some way. So there, it’s about setting some boundaries and have to live with yourself. And I will do my best to stop eating animals altogether as that’s what I choose.


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3 Responses

  1. mmg says:

    So, I see that you’ve already pointed out the hypocrisy, but I just have to say that going vegetarian is not as hard as you probably think it is. If you are truly passionate about helping animals, then you NEED to think about farmed animals – they are the most exploited, the least regarded, and endure the greatest amount of suffering. 11 BILLION animals are killed in this country every year for their flesh. Wearing leather, or saying that eating meat is okay because the skin is also used for leather doesn’t make sense. Animals are sentient beings capable of pain, suffering, love, pleasure, fear, and every other emotion that humans have. How can you say that using them for one purpose is wrong but using them for another is okay? It is only because you don’t want to wear fur, but you DO want to eat their flesh….but are your desires for a tasty dinner more important than a cow’s desire to live??

    I think you know the answer, and I think you’ll come to the same conclusion I did, all in good time. I wish you luck on that path! Keep up the good work you do for animals raised on fur farms, etc.

  2. An0n says:

    I eat meat and I don’t wear fur either. It is not a bad thing to eat meat, humans are omnivores and that’s why we still have those sharp teeth as well as a digestive system that can handle meat. The only thing is we do have a choice, we really don’t need to eat meat unless we are children or we need lots of protein or certain nutrients. Children should not start out with vegetarian food because the proteins and other nutrients that come from meat are needed for development. As for female adults, a good source of folic acid, which is needed for health as well as for prenatal care, is steak. People can choose to go completely vegetarian or vegan but they have to remember to take supplements to make up for not eating meats including fish.

  3. Mapleson says:

    I’m a meat-eater and a fur-wearer. I would like to point out your object regarding sheep-welfare has nothing to do with fur? Are you advocating boycotting wool as well as fur? Next, why would a farmer allow a healthy sheep to be cut deeply and bleed to death during shearing? This is a waste of money!

    My aunt and uncle run a farm and while there has been the occasional sheep that the vet couldn’t save, I don’t see sloppy workmanship being that widespread of an issue.

    Next, bear meat is rarely discarded in favour on only the pelt.

    The alternative for captive animals bred for furring is death. Many fur-farmed species are pests in the wide (The introduction of foxes, rabbits, and wild dogs to Australia highlights this point).

    Fur use like meat consumption should be about fair treatment and living conditions for animals, but we are all going to die. Why not have a reason for living?

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