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Whales Under Serious Threat

For centuries, whaling had been a tradition for many countries in Europe, particular Norway and Iceland, as well as Japan and some native American tribes. Whales are under threat and decreasing by numbers quickly by global warming, pollution and overfishing. Whale meat are also not as popular as it once were so there is no longer a need to hunt and kill these magnificent creatures.

Right now, Japan and Iceland hold the largest record of whaling for meat. While it is an outcry by many thousands of people around the world, the whaling ban is under threat. It is unfortunately, not yet strong enough to get these countries to stop this barbaric practice.

Even as many several species of whales are listed as endangered, there seems yet to be loopholes for whalers to get around. In 2007, Icelandic whalers have killed 7 endangered fin whales and a minke whale, and reported killed another 69 minkes for their fins, for profit. “Iceland, like Norway, claim whales must be culled because they eat fish. This is nonsense. Human over-fishing is destroying fish stocks, not whales.” reports Since 1986, Japan has killed over 6,000 whales for food and research, and this winter, it plans to start killing the magnificent humpback whales for the first time, sold to research labs in Anarctica and the North Pacific.

In 2008, Iceland announced that it would allow 40 minke whales to be killed over the next six months. This is completely against the ban by the International Whaling Commission. Please let your voice be heard now and sign the petition here, or to read more about the subject, visit


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