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A personal perspective on animal welfare

Animals in Disasters

Animal cruelty is by far not the only horrible thing that happens to animals of the world, natural disasters claim many of them as well. Hurricanes, tornadoes, avalanches, fires, and floods not only affect humans in terrible ways, but in some ways even more horrible for animals, as they are helpless in these situations. They can only cry for help, but they are never first to BE helped, as people’s lives take precedence over theirs. Stranded, abandoned, and left for dead, as so evident in Hurricane Katrina, these poor animals, including dogs and cats like yours and mine, can only wait. Terrified, injured, and starved, they try to survive.

That is why organizations like the Humane Society, PETA, IFAW, ASPCA among thousand others are so important. Their focus is to save as many as possible, revive them, care for them and find them homes and reunite them with the owners. I find this incredibly heroic and touching. I think compassion is every person’s gift. For those who of us who can’t join them in rescue, we can certainly donate money to these organizations so they could continue the work of perpetuating the lives of our animal friends. MAKE A DONATION TODAY.

Photo of the Humane Society of US disaster team in rescue


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