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Cats Round-up at JFK Airport – Help Now

photo from HSUS site
JFK Airport in New York City are rounding up 300-500 cats and kittens who live in or nearby for euthanasia, despite humane organizations such as the Humane Society of US’s protest and offer of assistance for humane intervention (Trap-Neuter-Return /TNR program). Though airport employees and animals rescues tended to the cats, the Port Authority of New York/New Jersey are planning to move forward with the plan. These cats are believed to be mostly lost companion animals by travelers over decades that somehow survived and continue to breed and dwell around the airport.

The problem of growing cats around the premise could simply be helped by the TNR program. They are not in the way of air and ground traffic so there is simply no need for extermination. Please make a brief, polite phone call to Governor Jon Corzine at 609-292-6000. You will likely speak to a staff member– tell them that this is not necessary and the program is a proven strategy to control this situation. Thank you.

For more information or to share this with your friends, visit this link:


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