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Polar Bear Heads On Your Wall

Just as Polar Bears got listed on the Endangered Species list, the Safari Club International has filed a lawsuit against the Federal government and the Dept. of Interior. No longer allowed to hunt polar bears in Alaska, they now are fighting to go to Canada to hunt and bring them back as trophies. This is absurd.

I never understood the allure of having some animal’s head pinned onto a wall. Does it make those who hunt feel and appear more masculine or admired, at the expense of some poor animal who is doing nothing but fighting to survive? Polar bears are already at risk of extinction, thanks to global warming. There are so many things wrong with what we people do to this beautiful planet. And while the subject of global warming heats up everyday, hunters still have the audacity to fight for this entitlement. Help end this now by sharing this fact with friends, and/or make a donation to Defenders of Wildlife here.

In Alaska, people are trying to raise $600,000 of campaign funds to defeat a ballot measure by the Safari Club. Please make a contribution so no more polar bears are lost in needless cruelty.


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