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National Conference on Animal Protection July 19-21

Leading animal protection agencies will be hosting a conference in our nation’s capital to address current issues of animal welfare on July 19-21. If you’re in the neighborhood or feel like taking a nice trip down to D.C. this will be an educational event if you love and care for animals.

Here you will hear from 75 experts on animal campaigning and visit more than 500 exhibitors from all over the world. Speak with advocates in person about your concerns and interests. Rally at the Capitol’s doorstep to demand action against the cruelty of puppy mills. Get the latest scoop on factory farming, local animal abuse, animal fighting, and many more. Volunteer or sign up for a job and join in the fight for animals.

Register for the conference here


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One Response

  1. mindy says:

    Did you make it to this? I wish I could have gone!!

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