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No Dog Meat During the Olympics in Beijing

For fear of animal rights groups criticism and offending Western visitors and countries against such customs, Beijing has taken dog meat off the menu for the duration of the Olympics. We’d only wish that they make this permanent. If they understand that they must respect our opposition against the eating of dogs, why can’t they understand that we oppose this for a reason and just stop eating them?

Korean and China are known for their dog meat-loving delicacies – well, if you call it that. What many people don’t know is that certain dog meat is not just a dish. The chinese and korean claims that it provides aphrodisiac effects for humans. More horrifically, the WAY in which a dog is killed is merciless. It has been documented that these poor dogs are hung by the neck, slowly suffocating while being beaten, which is believed to unleash certain chemicals or hormones by the brain which makes the aphrodisiac. The dogs cry in agony- they can’t even die quickly. The bodies are so beaten that the flesh becomes tender enough to eat.

How sadistic and senseless. Dogs are intelligent (as are cats). They feel. They are loving beings. They are precious.

F**k China and Korea. (no offense)

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7/22/2008 – DOG FUR
I also would like to bring up the issue of fur trade, lately exposed in the U.S. to allegedly contains dog and cat fur as trims on coats and jackets. The labels claim “faux” (fake) fur but often are not. This is another import from China and Korea. Just think, the pretty hoodie on your winter parka could be someone’s dog.


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2 Responses

  1. Yuli says:

    So sad. Human has been given authority to rule the earth by God. But they have abuse this to satisfie their taste bud. Heartless & cruel just to get this aphrodisiac effects.
    When I went to china, I saw quite a number of people sell the dog fur.
    I felt so sad, and wanted to say “f” u. I hate this.
    So I encourage those people who go china, don’t ever buy the fur.

  2. mindy says:

    This is terribly heartbreaking. You look into their eyes and you can just see the suffering. I hate it!

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