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14 Wolf Pups Gunned Down: A Barbaric Slaying

Only within days of my previous post about the endangered wolves, I see this horrible news.

“Soon after Alaska’s Board of Game approved the killing of all wolves in an area near Cold Bay, state officials illegally killed 14 wolf pups after gunning down their mothers — yet another grisly chapter in the Alaska’s out-of-control wolf slaughter,” reported by Defenders of Wildlife.

Alaskan state wildlife personel illegally chased down a pack of 14 adult wolves by helicopter, shooting them from the air. They say this is to help boost caribou population which is neither sensible nor humane. Later, they raided a den of 14 puppies, now orphaned with their mothers and fathers killed just hours before. These puppies were prompted executed. Alaskans are now moving to end the Board of Game’s barbaric aerial hunting of wolves through a ballot measure. Wealthy interest groups like the Safari Club International are using their powers to defeat this ballot measure. Alaskans for Wildlife, along with Defenders of Wildlife, is desperately trying to raise $80,000 in effort to raise public awareness in order to end the hunting of these magnificent wolves.

Please help by spreading the word, or donating Defenders of Wildlife for more information. I just donated $100. Small price to pay to help save wolves.


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