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China Celebrates Olympics While Animals Continue to Suffer

This is not a favoritism for PETA, however they bring to our attention that while China is celebrating a beloved world event, the Olympics, dogs and cats continue to suffer at the hands of this industrious nation. Fur is bad, especially when they are taken from these feeling, intelligent domestic animals. China is way behind on human rights, and that leaves no place for animals. They are behind in effective and humane animal control (they just don’t care enough to try – spay /neuter/educate), instead they irradicate dogs and cats like vermin. They horrifically stripping their fur while the animals still alive, and falsely label on coats and jackets as “faux furs” to be sold in Western nations.

Please help in sharing with friends and family. If you feel generous, donate to welfare groups fighting this cruelty, or simple SIGN THE PLEGE at this link. The more we speak the more power we will yield for issues we care about.


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