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HSUS Recues 1,000 Dogs From Puppy Mill

It’s hard to imagine that this kind of thing happens almost everyday. The Humane Society rescues many animals throughout the year but it’s wonderful to see these stories making it into mainstream news.

Reported by the L.A. Times on 8/25/2008, HSUS rescued from a West Virginia puppy mill over the weekend, prompting a national effort by animal groups to find them new homes. The puppy mill is called The Whispering Oaks Kennel which sounds so peaceful and comforting, but it’s anything but. Rescue workers found many of these dogs and puppies emaciated, frightened, and ill. Puppies were found uncared for. Luckily, 1,000 of these got rescued and now they are waiting for homes!

Watch the video here:

via L.A. Times
Click here more information on community dog and cat rescues


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