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Chinese Fur

A dog near death about to be bashed on the head by a bat.

A dog near death about to be bashed on the head by a bat.

If you know what they do to poor dogs and cats in China (and Korea) to get the fur onto the trims of your winter coat, you might rethink what to buy this year. Many people are already sickened by the fur industry, however, when you think about companion animals as these victims, your heart would just break. CauseCast is featuring a video on the this page showing how they kill these animals, and I could not watch pass the first dog or puppy being head-bashed into cement and hit on its head by a Chinese dog killer at this fur farm. Animal groups say that these poor animals sometimes are not completely dead and die slowly in so much pain, until they strip the fur off their back, often still alive.

Watch the video on this page, click on the right “latest videos” module – “PETA2: Chinese Fur” (sorry the site did not let me embed this video.


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2 Responses

  1. ZZJuke says:

    Thanks for trying to spread the truth about fur from China. Any human who would purchase fur in any form after viewing the video is no better than the evil looking man who callously, coldly and maliciously brought unspeakable agony, terror and elonagated death to this beautiful, helpless creature in his vile hands.

  2. Adams Eaves says:

    Yeah, I wish that wasn’t true and I’m glad that video didn’t play for me, or you chose not to post it. I love dogs and if that’s how they get fur for coats then that is a tragedy.

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