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Slaughtering of Rabbits For Fur

When it comes to anti-fur topics, we often focus on fox, seals, horses, minks and many helpless exotic animals, even tigers. We must not forget about rabbits. Each year in China and France, millions of rabbits are slaughtered for fur. In these horrible conditions, rabbits are often inproperly electrically stunned and hung by their legs , while their throats are slit and bleeding out, they are often still alive, twitching, suffering in the most disheartening ways.

The following video is an undercover video, narrated by Gillian Andersen of the X-files. It exposes the unspeakable cruelty and horror of rabbit slaughter farms in China and France. Whether you’re a fan of PETA or not, this truth is out there. This targets particular Giorgio Armani, one of the largest patron of using rabbit fur for their fashion line. Please take action by filling out this guided letter template to be sent to the fashion house. Please spread the word to your friends, and please read the label on your winter jackets.


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One Response

  1. Vlad Cel Groaznis says:

    This barbarism must be stopped at all costs! If people continue to behave like this against any living animal, our species is in danger that one day we will behave like this on each but with atom bombs and supersonic jets at our fingers, not only knives, clubs and stones! One day there might be our children hanging there, or our descendents! Stop the madness for a better live on this planet!

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