All Animals Matter


A personal perspective on animal welfare


Please vote on Nov 4. While this election never focused on wildlife conservation, which is a huge disappointment as it is closely tied with global warming and environmental issues, I’d still vote for Obama since the Republicans have a long history of pro-NRA stance and tend to opt for more environmental disasters. Palin represents all that’s wrong for animal rights – advocating the shooting of wolves, an endangered species, as well as other wildlife in her state. If you’re undecided on whom to vote for but care about animals, please vote Obama. (For those who feel the need to rebut, please note that this is solely an animal issue, nothing else. I leave everyone to vote for issues most dear to them. Republican or Democrat or any other party.


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One Response

  1. echo veith says:

    I couldn’t agree more with what you say. Anyone who cares about animals cannot possibly support Sarah Palin and her views. How any caring woman or man could not want to protect animals that are proven to be in danger is impossible for me to understand.

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