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Chinese Fur Farms – Horror Continues

This is not propaganda, despite what some anti-peta people may think. This is very real, very present, and it’s happening right now, to thousands of dogs and cats, as well as other fur-valued creatures, everywhere in the world. And recently, most exposed is by the Chinese. If you are horrified by the pictures below, you wouldn’t want to watch this video. If you do, be aware, it is of excruciating violence. Please do visit this link (it won’t play the video unless you prompt it) to learn more about this, donate, or spread the word.

dog being skinned, still alive

dog skin and carcasses

dog skin and carcasses

These animals are our dogs, our cats, our companions too. They are being skinned alive, and they suffer in agony with hearts still beating, eyes blinking, and paws still shaking. These are puppies with blood coming out of their eyes. Let’s put an end to this. We are a modern culture and should no longer resort to this kind of cruelty in the name of FUR.


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19 Responses

  1. Sandy says:

    Thanks for keeping these atrocities on the forefront – people so easily forget. However, I will never be able to wipe the horrific images of racoon dogs and domestic dogs crying out for mercy while evil monsters slice their coats/skin from their writhing, helpless bodies. If there is a Chinese Mafia, I think they should be employed to dish out the same kind of agony to the men/women/owners of farm/workers there,etc. – specifically to the grinning man smoking a cigarette and laughing/talking while his victim twisted and screamed in torment. Too too sad and infuriating for words.

  2. Angelina says:

    How can we stop this? it ias terrible i am only 14 years old.. but i am all for animals. i love them soo much. and i cant stand to see them like this

  3. irena kozak says:

    i wish i have power to tortured all responsible for this horrible horror !!!!disgusting asians !!

  4. Justin says:

    i just watched the video and i can’t believe that there are people who do this. Thank you for shedding some light on animal cruelty in China. I’ll do my part in spreading the word to end any form of animal cruelty.

  5. Nobody says:

    My heart bleeds for these animals – i would sacrifice my life for each of them if i could initiate the same pain on all of those who have or currently participate in this… who are these “humans” how can we call them “human” why is this happening in today’s cultures.. i pray as hard as i can… for the pain to be multiplied by infinity on all those who inflict it.

  6. Stephanie says:

    That makes me SICK to my stomatch

  7. Luisa says:

    Yeah all of this is absolutely disgusting, how can people have the heart to perform such atrocities! They should punish the people who are doing that to those poor defenseless animals by torturing and skinning them alive…see how they like it!!!!!

  8. Angela Ingber says:

    My heart bleeds for these innocent, defenseless animals. I am writing a letter to Oprah and President Obama and pleading with them to make this barbaric act STOP! These monsters should be skinned alive and know exactly how it feels.

  9. Mark says:

    I am beginning to lose faith in humanity. I pray for only peace and love on earth, and it saddens me to see any being treated with such disregard. The complete lack of humility is disgusting beyond words. The pain in the creatures eyes starring at the camera made me, a grown man cry. God bless all the beautiful souls in creation, and let’s hope these dammed souls progress beyond negative influence.

  10. cam says:

    please stop china fur farms. make me cry to see the poor animals suffered.

  11. Dana says:

    This is horrifying stuff.However I’d like to warn people against pointing the finger of blame to China alone.Fur farms in Europe are equally cruel, where animals live in the most filthy conditions and are being skinned while still half alive after electrocution. The best way to stop this is to simply refuse buying any fur products. Got that, Kate Moss????

  12. Ray says:

    Don’t let the kids see this article. They will have nightmares forever!

    • Jojemud says:

      This blog is meant for adults, not children. However, you can teach your kids to respect animals and gently make them aware of animal abuse so they grow up to be caring individuals

  13. What can be done about this.

  14. Rain says:

    This place we call earth is disgusting. And heartbeaking. This planet is truly fucked.

  15. chuck says:


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