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Bear Baiting


Animal cruelty is truly a global issue. Take for instance, in the Middle East and possibly elsewhere in third worlds, the medieval sport of bear baiting is a typical entertainment. As a bear cub, it suffers the trauma of capture and his teeth and claws yanked out. Grown into adulthood, the bear is dragged into the ring each day and chained with a metal hook to its nose permanently, he defends himself  with merely his own weight against a pack of dogs tearing into their flesh. Both bear and dogs fighting to the death. This is gruesome, cruel, and senseless. This is not that different from animal circuses in modern countries, where animals suffer at the hands of reckless and irresponsible trainers, except here the entertainment intentionally ends in animal deaths.

Please help today by going to the WSPA (World Society For the Protection of Animals) site and learn more and perhaps make a donation. Even as we are worlds away from the countries that practice such inhumane entertainment, our voices will be heard. You count- really.


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  1. WSPA UK says:


    Thanks for this post, it’s much appreciated. The more we can do raise awareness of bear cruelty, the better.

    You might also find this article quite helpful too.



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