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Animal Control – Out of Control


According the the WSPA, in some countries, armed dog control officers randomly shoot dogs in crowded streets. If not killed instantly, the dogs end up wounded and left to die. They are shot at, drowned, hung, and electrocuted and there are far more cruel ways to exterminate unwanted animals. In countries ravaged by war, famine and olitical upheaval, animal suffer equally if not worse. This is not the way to control animal population; it is ineffective and the numbers increase around the world, prompting more unnecessarily killings in the first place.

Please help stop the bloodshed. With your help, animal welfare organizations will provide mobile clinics and medical attention to homeless dogs and cats in rural communites. Please do your part and make a donation and spread the world. Thank you!


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One Response

  1. Emma says:

    Aww!! What a cute dog! I want people to realize that pets are just like kids so you wouldn’t want to abandon your kid would you? Stop animal cruelty!

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