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Seal Hunt 2008 Begins

This week, the very controversial seal hunt begins again in Canada. We don’t need to make trinkets and fur trims- it’s so horrible to think that more than 275,000 baby harp seals will be slaughtered, shot and clubbed to death while their skins are ripped off from their bodies. Each year, the outrage grows exponetially all over the world and one day this will stop. Please spread the word and make a donation and help in the fight to end this unnecessary cruelty. Watch this video (no cruel images) and appreciate the beauty of this lovely species and learn why we need to take action.

Make a donation here

Help pass the Harb Seal Bill here – For the first time in history, a Canadian politician is proposing a law to end the suffering of baby seals. Senator Harb consulted with International Fund For Animals on this critical legislation and with our help to reach 200,000 emails and letters in the next few weeks, this is our chance to end the hunt forever.


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