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21 Polo Horses Died

via AP

via AP

At first I was really sad to hear about he 21 polo ponies that died in Florida. Reports were mixed but apparently they died from some sort of botched meds or toxins in their feed that caused their heart failures within hours. Read more here.

Then I saw the slideshow of prized ponies’ owners and polo fans in tears, in mourning and holding vigils, and I became sick to my stomach. Although I’m sad by this event, this made the news around the world. Why? Because they were revered animals and each horse was estimated about $200,000 value. Each day, there are innocent animals being slaughtered, abused, and mistreated everywhere, and yet we almost never hear about it. Horse abuse and mistreatment is a serious issue and people don’t know about the atrocities this beautiful species face today. This just saddens me.


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