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Dolphin and Whale Slaughter Begins Again

The brutal killing of pilot dolphins, part of the whale family, began again this year in the harbor or Taiji, and the ocean is filled with blood. It is a horrific sight for those who don’t know. These animals are extremely endangered. They not only swim in our increasingly toxic oceans, they are often accidentally caught in fisher harpoons and drown. They’re also hunted for traditions by certain native American tribes (but usually once a year) and for food in the Asian regions, and many more other species of whales are at risk. People don’t realize that they are very much a big part of the ocean ecosystem, and their disappearance will severely impact the balance of all living creatures. There is currently little or no laws around this barbaric practice, but this is changing and we can only hope that more attention is given to it in the media. Please read Hayden Panetierre’s blog post at Social Vibe here. Sign the petition and spread the word. Below are some pictures from the site.

You can also visit the official site for the The Whaleman Foundation to learn more.

via Social Vibe

via Social Vibe

via Social Vibe

via Social Vibe

via The Whaleman Foundation

via The Whaleman Foundation


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One Response

  1. Dave Head says:

    They also kill a huge number of bottlenose dolphins -some of which are picked out & sold to ocean parks for so-called entertainment. In fact no cetacean is safe anywhere near Japanese waters – endangered or not. But the most hated thing they do in my country [Aotearoa-NZ] is coming down to our southern whale sanctuary and kill 100’s of Piked and fin whales every year. It’s the reason I don’t buy any Japanese products anymore.

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