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Help Stop the Mass Killing of Cats in Los Angeles

Below is from the Care 2 petition site – please take a moment and go to this link and sign the petition against this mass killing. It is no different than what they are doing over in China, where they spread false fears about diseases to citizens. Instead of euthanising the animals, they should help as many adopted as possible.

“The Los Angeles County Department of Health has contracted with the Carson Animal Shelter to trap cats at various locations across the county.  Hundreds, maybe thousands, of vaccinated, spayed, healthy cats will be killed.  Feral cats are not adoptable. These cats are no more of a threat to human health than the pets that walk through our neighborhoods every day.  This will cost the struggling taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, based on calculations from previous mass trappings.  Now is not the time to be spending, and killing is not the answer.”


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