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More Yellowstone Wolves Killed


It is disturbing to me to recently learned that wildlife INSIDE Yellowstone National park, a protected piece of territory by the U.S. allows the Dept of Fish and Game to approve the killing of wildlife, especially wolves, an endangered specie. The misinterpretation of why wolves need to be killed for the sake of farming in nearby territories and controlling of population is absurd.

The killing of a top predator in any wild territory can have devastating chain reaction for the rest of the foodchain and wildlife. People don’t realize that, if you kill off the predators, that will contribute to the overpopulation of animals down the food chain, and like a domino effect, more of them will need to be eradicated because there is no more top predator to control that population.

It is true that everyday, a wolf or a wolve pack, including PUPS are cruelly killed in the Northwest. Recently, more than 60 wolves in the family, have been killed in Idaho and Montana, including Yellowstone’s famed Cottonwood Pack and a radio-collared female from Idaho’s Phantom Hill Pack. This time, they’ve left the newborn pups to die and starve through the coming brutal winter months in that region.

Please take action by and learning more, or donate to the Defenders of Wildlife.


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