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Calves Slaughter Abuse Must End

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I’ve watched some horrific videos in the past of slaughterhouses, but I cannot watch this one. But if you can stomach it, watch it because it will change the way you view corporate farming and perhaps even change you.

At this particular slaughterhouse in Vermont, USDA inspector apparrently did not enforce the required humane laws for the treatment of these calves. These animals were treated with the most unspeakable abuse  and cruelty. Treatment of infant calves are merciless.

Here’s a quote from Humane Society: “In one scene, a worker attempts to skin a calf who is still alive, directly in front of a USDA inspector. This government official tells the worker, on hidden camera, that if another USDA inspector saw this, the plant would be shut down, but he allows the abuse to continue. In another scene, the slaughter plant’s co-owner, who has claimed in press reports that he had no knowledge of cruel treatment at his facility, is shown shocking downed calves with electric prods in futile attempts to force them to stand. Prodding one calf to stand up, he says to the animal, “There ain’t nothing wrong with you, sh*t box.” At one point he jokes that one of the staggering calves “looks like you on a Friday night,” referring to the USDA inspector, who laughs at the co-owner’s joke.”

This story was exposed on CNN also. You can do two things: 1) Donate to the HSUS here to help them spread the word and enforce stricter federal policies on factory farming, or write to Ask USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack to act immediately to prevent this cruelty from happening at other slaughter plants.


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