All Animals Matter


A personal perspective on animal welfare

Questions About Animal Activism

I am not an activist. I am an advocate for animal causes. There are many people who come to my blog and rant about how “we are all alike and we’re crazy”. I am not one of these people. Granted, some tactics from animal rights group such as PETA are questionable, and we all know that all organizations have their own agendas. When you get right down to it, without these groups, there will be no humane laws in the world, and the situation for animals would be a million times worse.

I am simply one individual trying to voice my concerns about animal welfare. I am not a big nature person, but I grew up around animals and I can tell you that they feel, they think, and they love. I believe that setting an example of compassion is critical, especially for the younger generation. Most of us who love animals are good, towards animals and people alike.

You may not care, and if you don’t, please be civil, don’t judge, and don’t read. Thanks everyone!


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