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Canadian Seal Hunt Begins

Spring is finally here again, and it brings a sense of renewal and happiness , but not so for the harp seals in Canada. As we speak , the charter boats parked alongside the ice caps , are hunters with clubs and shotguns in hand, ready to bash in the heads of 2-weeks and older seal pups, pulled from their mothers, and with their moulting grey fur (from white) stripped from their body while still alive. The snow is once again tainted in blood red, a horrific sight like that from a murder movie. But it is all too real, heartbreaking to see and hear the screaming of these beautiful creatures. This is all in the name of commercial profit, and the excuse of how the Canadians needs this to sustain employment and the economy.

As always for me, it is the way in which these animals are slaughtered. Merciless, cruel, barbaric, and just plain unnecessary and shameful. This year, the quota for seal kills is near 300,000.
With global warming, it is reported that the seals are in even more imminent danger of drowning and starvation, as the ice caps are melting away. Must we finish the job until there are none left?

Go to and Humane Society and sign the petition!!!!


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2 Responses

  1. Chrissy VanderHeide-Stolarski says:

    PLEASE…..remember “whitecoats” aren’t slaughtered during the commercial hunt; it’s the ‘next’ stage just when they start to moult. (Slick grey fur underneath). It’s called the ‘beater’ stage (ironically enough).
    They are STILL considered babies, but if you use ‘whitecoats’ on your sites, people will completely disreguard our purpose because our facts are wrong (“our” meaning ‘animal rights activists’). The gov’t AND pro-sealers are looking for “anything” to discard our claims-and ‘false’ information. Please be careful of your facts.
    Thank you!

  2. Josh says:

    Hi there. My name is Josh and I work for the Government of Canada on the seal file. Here is some information you may find useful:

    Seal harvesting practices in Canada are guided by rigorous animal welfare principles that are internationally recognized by virtually all independent observers. Also, the harp seal population is healthy and abundant. It is not at risk, even under current ice conditions. To clarify, the sealing season has not yet begun.

    For more information, please see: and

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