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Sarah Palin Does Not Belong on the Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel has signed a $1 million deal with Sarah Palin to host a reality TV show called “Sarah’s Palin’s Alaska”.  At first I did not believe it, thinking it was a hoax, but unfortunately, it’s confirmed by news sources. Read more here. Also on CNN.

As I wanted to keep an open mind about learning more about Alaska, I can hardly believe that Palin would the person to teach me about the last beautiful and wildest frontier of America. I mean, what is she going to teach us, that the Second Amendment gives her the right to kill wildlife and it’s part of life and necessity in her state? The Discovery Channel is home to Animal Planet, Planet Green, TLC (The Learning Channel), once know for its advocacy for the preservation for wildlife. Cashing in on Palin’s undeserved popularity is like turning its back on everything they once held sacred.

I don’t care how the Discovery Channel is going to justify this – Sarah Palin is the woman who proposed legislation for aerial hunting of precious wild wolves (here’s her comments on Huffington Post on hunt strategy), gutting moose and caribous for fun and tradition.  This is the woman who opposes global warming, who ridicules environmentalists and conservationists, who thinks whales and wolves should not be on the Endangered Species Act.

She is wrong for Discovery Channel. Wrong for the environment, and wrong for any sort of wildlife conservation. Urge the Discovery Channel to change their minds –PLEASE TAKE ACTION AND SIGN THE PETITION!!!!


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7 Responses

  1. I’ve lost respect for the discovery channel and I’m going to boycott them… Although I really don’t ever watch t.v. You cannot expect much from any media entity these days. Its all about the buck… I signed the petition for the discovery channel to scrap the show… but its whatever

  2. CharInOhio says:

    You are one idiot….the aerial hunting thing was NOT Sarah’s idea or proposition. That is a total HOAX and lie. It was proposed by someone else at the state level and it was NOT and IS NOT something that happens on a constant basis. They had some “special reason” for doing it.

    Yes she hunts and yes its necessary in Alaska. FYI there are many villages that drive for HOURS and FOR MILES …BY SNOWMOBILE … to the nearest store where a loaf of bread can cost like five dollars !!! Food is MUCH more expensive there, and most people DO hunt and fish and YES IT IS A “PART OF LIFE” there…whether you like that or not.

    I realize there are a lot of tree hugging, global warming, utopian dreamers out there but may I remind you that in the old days they DID HUNT AND FISH all the time. Hey guess what? We STILL have trees, WE STILL have animals, and we STILL HAVE FISH?

    You HATE Palin, yes, we “get it”…you don’t have to hit anyone over the head with a 2×4 to understand that. But, you dont have to LIE and spread mistruths. I am also pretty sure that Discovery Channel will not worry over the VERY FEW idiots like you that cannot stomach ONE show on their channel that airs once a week or whatever. YOU and YOURS are probably the LEAST of their worries, or Sarah’s.

    Try getting a LIFE and MOVING ON….YOUR village idiot “WON” but you are STILL HATING? Looks like you would BE HAPPY, but angry hateful
    liberals can’t “be happy” matter WHAT happens!

    Obama is and ALWAYS WAS a HUGE FAILURE and NOW he is PROVING IT and CARVING THAT INTO STONE ….daily with his horrendous policies. Do you have “BUYER’S REMORSE” yet? If not, you WILL. Just wait till your health care is DENIED right when you NEED IT THE MOST cause its “too expensive” to treat you. I can HARDLY WAIT till you Obots SEE that they ARE NOT going to ASK you WHO you voted for…they will just TELL YOU “NO” like all the rest of us !!! IF that “Hopey Changey” stuff is working for you NOW, enjoy it….it WONT be for long 🙂

  3. CharInOhio says:

    FYI…Huffington Post is like reading The Globe or National Enquirer….If they tell you its raining outside…YOU better go LOOK YOURSELF !!! 🙂 They have ALWAYS hated Sarah and are a biased liberal media publication. A comic book has more truth in it than their newspaper does.

    • Jojemud says:

      Huffington Post to conservatives is like FoxNews to liberals. FYI, if you believe even one thing Fox News says then you are one of millions of Americans who believe the conservative, religious, UNFAIR and UNBALANCED, propaganda, Ann Coulter-loving, dishonest agenda. But then again, let’s not turn this into a political thing.

  4. CharInOhio says: the way…I am NOT an animal hater by ANY means. I think wolves are very beautiful animals and its sad ANY should be killed or any other animal. BUT…If the wolves are wiping out the caribou and people need them to eat, which is Alaska….they really DO. And that is because there is too many wolves….I would RATHER they RELOCATE them. I guess for some reason they cant do that? Im not sure? But, killing them for some reason became “necessity”.

    Its NOT being done for “fun”..its done for other reasons. I personally dont “like” any hunting, but in MOST cases people can BUY their food and they arent driving for hours by snowmobiles to some remote store where WHEN YOU DO GET THERE you are lucky if you find what you need….and what YOU DO FIND costs like four times what it would anyplace else….is a bit extreme. Meat in Alaska is REALLY expensive too, so they hunt and fish. Many homes in Alaska do not even have running water in some cases, did you know this? AND NO, I didnt get this information from Sarah’s show..I had previously watched shows on Alaska on TV before. They were documentary/educational type shows.

    People “do things” in Alaska for a reason…many things MUST be done differently there.

    Yes, Sarah has the money now I suppose to not have to hunt or fish..but its now a way of life. It is how she was raised, the way things have always been done where she lives.

    May I also remind you that, there are AT TIMES …SURPLUS of certain animals and IF they are predatory they can easily wipe out whole species of their prey. This is what apparently happened at that time with the wolves. Again, I wish they would just relocate them somehow…but I guess for whatever reason, they couldnt.

  5. Elizabeth Caron says:

    I absolutey loathe this S.Palin!

    Not because she is utterly unqualified.
    Not because she doesn’t have a reasonable grasp of the english language.
    Not because she doesn’t comprehend the real issues facing America today.
    Not because she stokes the flames of racism, bigotry, and prejudices in our society, (well maybe I hate her for that also!)

    I hate this simpleton for one particular reason:

    She says the morals and values of our society have diminished because of our President being UNAMERICAN. She talks of her love for the military yet she’s the one who abandoned her post.
    She not only walked away from her duties as an elected official, She did it for the almighty dollar.
    She masked her intentions by saying she did it for the good of Alaska. Although I agree, Alaska’s way better off without her; she abandoned her post and for that reason she will get NO RESPECT from me!!!!

    Sarah’s a DESPICABLE woman and anyone who blindly follows her under the guise of “American Patriotism” should remember her husband was an active member of the A.I.P.
    which advocates secession from the United States.
    A group that Governor S.Palin gave a videotaped welcome speech to the organization.

    They hope everyone has forgotten the facts about her past but i’m one person who will not forget nor will I let anyone else; simply because the evil rhetoric she spews doesn’t allow her any leeway.

    • Jojemud says:

      Among the many appalling issues I have with Palin, I am only blogging here about her utter disrespect for animal lives. Besides the 2nd amendment she holds so fiercely to bear arms, that’s one thing. But to parade around and shooting moose, elks, etc, and proclaim them as trophies is just horrible. Remember, this is the woman that put out a $150 bounty per wolf killed in Alaska. The population control for wolves and livestock protection are BS.

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