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Why You Should Boycott the Circus

There are a lot of people out there who either don’t know the horror that goes on behind seemingly wonderful world of circuses, or those who insist that those like Ringling Bros or Big Apple Circuses has humane animal programs in place. But it’s no secret that animals get abused for our entertainment. Imagine baby elephants, pulled from their herd shortly after birth, shipped, then begin their training with ropes, beaten with bull hooks, forced to perform. It will break your heart.

Performing animals live their entire lives in trailers traveling from show to show, often endure long unhealthy journeys across the world in crowded, stuffy conditions. Worse, they suffer beating by their handlers in order to get them to perform UNNATURAL acts. Animals are not meant to dance, sit up on their hind legs, jump through fiery hoops. You may have heard that circus animals go wild and tromp their handlers to death. Who can blame them, to escape from such a life filled with discomfort and pain? The animals do not make any money, humans do. And if you go to the circus, you are paying for them to suffer.

Below are some pictures of a baby elephant in training, photographed by an undercover operative. I don’t care how anyone can justify this – the poor animal is miserable.

Circus like Cirque Du Soleil is a wonderful and even more spectacular alternative, as performed by only people. Set a moral example for your children – teach them that forcing animals to do anything just for fun is wrong.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t teach your dog tricks. You are its owner and you do it out of love and your dog loves you. You don’t beat your dog, at least I hope not.


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