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BP Oil Spill: A Sad Affair

It pains me much to think about the BP oil spill that has devastated so much of our oceans and life within. It is clear that this sad event was not an act of god or simply the fault of any one party. Sarah Palin blamed this on the Europeans, of course. What else would you expect a simpleton to say?

Sadly, this is not just a political issue, and as we all know, it’s a serious environmental (as well as business as usual) issue. Everyday, as we sit back and enjoy our lives, turn on the news to hear about the continued leaking of millions of gallons of oil into our seas, whales, dolphin, sea turtles, sea birds die. Two weeks ago was 250 sea turtles that regularly migrate in the Gulf area, last week was birds coated with oil, and this week was dead sea mammals. What’s left of our ocean’s healthy corals wither away.

We can’t, for one second, believe that things will eventually be resolved and go back to normal. The oil spill was an extraordinary event that calls for extraordinary action, on the part of corporations, government, and people. Whether you question the legitimacy of domestic oil drilling, dependency on foreign oil, alternative fuels, there is no one answer. We can only hope hat our dependence on oil and relentless rape of the earth’s natural resources need to end. The blame game of this disaster will get us nowhere, it’s no one party’s fault, it’s the fault of everyone, and every nation. BP need to plug up that hole, Obama needs to get really pissed, GreenPeace and environmental agencies need to fight hard. And we need to learn from this, and learn big.


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