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10 Reasons Why Fur Is Wrong

If you just could just humor me for a minute, let me express why fur is wrong.

1) The fashion industry represents corporate America. It is here to make you spend money on fabulous clothes (which I am a victim of). They are contributors to credit card debts, anorexia, bad body images in young women everywhere, for the sake of profit.

2) Animals are bred for their fur, the rest of their bodies mostly get discarded, so they’re not even used for its fullest potential.

3) Faux fur look almost exactly like real fur, and you don’t have to think about having something dead hanging around your neck.

4) Cats and Dogs are beaten to a pulp. And many of these are pets which have been abducted from owners in certain countries.

5) Rabbits are hung by their legs, twitching, bleeding, screaming, while they are electrocuted, knifed, and their fur stripped from their bodies while they are still alive. Bunnies!!!

6) In the wild, minks and foxes chew their own arms and legs off to free themselves from traps. How horrific is that?

7) You can eat meat and still be against wearing fur. It’s not an all-or-nothing deal, so don’t let the hard-core vegetarians tell you otherwise.  At least livestock get all their meat consumed and their lives were not totally wasted for vanity. Although I don’t eat red meat anymore so don’t even think about calling me a hypocrite.

8) Teaching your children that fur is wrong only makes them to grow up compassionate beings.

9) Animals are not disposable. In one form or another, all countries have their version of loving pets. If you look at the bigger picture, animals are living beings, capable of feelings, sensations, and certain emotions.

10) and… you can honestly say that you are a compassionate human being if you just don’t indulge in fur-trim coats.

You get the picture.


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