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The Horror of Meat

I was raised to eat meat. I was taught that as humans I was born with the instinct to survive, and my superior intelligence entitles me to hunt and eat inferior animals. And when I say “I” or “me”, I actually mean all humans and you.

This will all change when I first saw the movie “Faces of Death” when I was 13 years old. A particular series tell the story of slaughterhouses. I did not want to see it, but it was shown at a youth center I went to after school, surprised that they would show this to young teens anyhow. I tried to forget I saw this series, because the horrors of it still lives with me to this day.

I understand that it is extremely hard to not eat meat, and a lot of people I know start off small – by cutting out beef, then pork, then chicken and so on. Most people love a good burger, and so do I. Most people will try to ignore the fact that our meat comes from horrible cruelty, and eat it with a distant guilty conscience, like I do. When I saw a video 10 years ago of how baby pigs were killed, I stopped eating ribs and bacon for 2 years. I believe I can do this again very easily. And I will.

Then today, I came across this website, no doubt it’s probably from PETA, a video featuring Paul McCartney. I immediately regurgitated my dinner, and instantly regretted at pressing the “play” button. But the reality is, that it reinforced my decision to become vegetarian.

I sympathize with those who loves to eat meat, but I just want to ask you to take a moment, and think about not only the harm that it does to your body (at least the non-organic meats), but how cruel the industry really is. If you are interested, see this video here. I warn that it is not easy.

I took screenshots of so screens here. The first one is a cow hung by its feet, throat slit and bled out. Its head is almost falling off, but he’s still alive, and twitching. A little piglet is getting stomped on and electrocuted. Can you imagine the pain and suffering billions of livestock go through for your taste buds?

Please stop eating meat.



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