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Fur or Faux? NBC News Uncovers Story

from MSNBC

My friends always react in surprise when I tell them that the supposedly “faux fur trim” on their jackets may be real. Now NBC /MSNBC has uncovered the truth of this matter. According to the story, they went undercover to stores like Century 21, Burlington Coat Factory, Loehmans and more and documented this. Some helpful hints:

1) If the ends of the fur are sharp to a point like a cat hair it’s real fur.

2) If you burn it and it smells like human hair burn (like when you lit a cigarette and accidentally caught the tip of your hair), it’s real fur.

3) If you reveal the base of the fur and it’s attached to something that looks like cow hide or suede, it’s real fur.

And finally, just to be on the safe side and how I see it is: If it’s made in China, it’s probably real fur. China breeds racoon dogs for cheap fur, and they have been documented to destroy cats and dogs for various use including fur. Some areas in Korea and Russia also, so I’ve heard.

To be safe, just stay away from fur! Faux or not.


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