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Better Treatment to Pigs

It’s been a while since I’ve posted .

Granted, pork are tasty to many people, and even though I don’t really eat it, I crave the occasional bacon strip.

Just because we eat pigs, doesn’t mean we have to treat them cruelly. Some of you may not care, some of you may not know the truth behind the cruelty on pig farms and how they are slaughtered, and some of you just don’t want to know.

5 years ago, when I was a full carnivore, I came across an undercover video that exposed how pigs and piglets are treated on farms. I saw a video so gruesome I was sick to my stomach, I quit eating pork full stop. If you just humor me and read on, you may do the same.

Like this video here (explicit content – caution) – that video I saw showed pigs electrocuted and stunned, barely clinging on to life. Workers kicked them, beat them with iron rods, bash their heads in with baseball bats, and they aren’t even ready for slaughter. All part of irresponsible, heartless people having fun in jobs nobody else wanted. Workers picked up baby piglets, and castrated the males without anesthesia, threw them against concrete walls. Pigs’ throats were slits and bled out, left to died slowly on the filthy concrete floors.Whatever you say and believe about animal welfare and protection agencies and their agendas, these exposés are real. No one can fake these events. Pigs are smart sentient beings, some say more than dogs (that’s very intelligent!) – If you eat pork, that’s fine – I’m not going to try to convert you. But know that there’s everything wrong about treating ANY living thing with such disregard and cruelty.

Take with this what you will… spread the word if you care. I’m donating money to help uncover some of the truth and hope I’m doing my part.


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