All Animals Matter


A personal perspective on animal welfare

Doing Something Good

I’ve decided to start a blog expressing issues important to me, and hopefully it will spark interests and actions from people.  Thank you for visiting.


5 Responses

  1. Sara Kiene says:

    Hi Jenny,
    I´m so glad you are doing this!
    Hooray!! –So proud of you.
    I´ve been following the seal hunt thanks to you and we will at least donate.
    A great animal activist and one I really admire is Paul Watson and his SEA SHEPARD CONSERVATION SOCIETY.
    I read his books and am really astounded.
    He has some big cojones. Check it out if you don´t know about him already.

  2. Jenny says:

    Thanks Sara! I’ve added Sea Shephard Conservation Society to the Navigation!

  3. Hi – great blog!

    My name is Jennifer Krebs, and I’m on the Board of Directors of GREY2K USA, a national non-profit organization working to pass stronger greyhound protection laws and close down existing dog tracks.

    In November 2008, GREY2K USA became the first group to successfully close down dog tracks through the citizens initiative process, passing Massachusetts Ballot Question 3.

    GREY2K USA has been instrumental in fighting for stronger laws to protect racing greyhounds. In Massachusetts and New Hampshire, we successfully passed laws requiring that states notify the public on the number of greyhounds injured while racing, and report on the ultimate fate of racing dogs. Also in Massachusetts, we helped pass the first state-funded greyhound adoption trust fund in United States history. In Florida and New Hampshire, we passed legislation to restore greyhounds to the protections of anti-cruelty laws.

    GREY2K USA is also at the forefront of defeating attempts to prop up greyhound racetracks with subsidies, other forms of gambling such as slot machines, and special favors from politicians. Since 2002, we have helped defeat attempts to subsidize dog races with slot machine profits in Massachusetts, Florida, Kansas, New Hampshire, Colorado, Arizona and Oregon. Dog track owners in Colorado, Kansas and Oregon decided to close their facilities as a result.

    I’m wondering if you would consider adding GREY2K USA’s website to your list of Animal Organizations? We greatly appreciate your consideration.

    Thank you again for your informative blog!

  4. icare says:

    Thank you so much for your site and for caring enough to do something like this and help educate others! I love to see sites like yours, we need more people to wake up and think about their daily choices affect others. I have a site too and it’s similiar to yours.. feel free to stop by. Good Luck with your work!

  5. Something very disturbing happened to me tonight. I went to PETCO to get my cat some toys. I reached for a fuzzy one and was shocked to fund myself holding a wad of racoon fur. Most of the toys were white – cat or dog? Of course it was from China. While waiting for the manager I noticed that the company website was also printed on the tag. They were proud enough to put it there! I’m telling you because you seem to care, but have posted both a pro petco piece and an anti-chinese fur farm piece on the same page. I just thought you’d like to be aware of this. Anyone who doesn’t believe it can touch it for themselves in the PETCO cat toy aisle.

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