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Better Treatment to Pigs

It’s been a while since I’ve posted .

Granted, pork are tasty to many people, and even though I don’t really eat it, I crave the occasional bacon strip.

Just because we eat pigs, doesn’t mean we have to treat them cruelly. Some of you may not care, some of you may not know the truth behind the cruelty on pig farms and how they are slaughtered, and some of you just don’t want to know.

5 years ago, when I was a full carnivore, I came across an undercover video that exposed how pigs and piglets are treated on farms. I saw a video so gruesome I was sick to my stomach, I quit eating pork full stop. If you just humor me and read on, you may do the same.

Like this video here (explicit content – caution) – that video I saw showed pigs electrocuted and stunned, barely clinging on to life. Workers kicked them, beat them with iron rods, bash their heads in with baseball bats, and they aren’t even ready for slaughter. All part of irresponsible, heartless people having fun in jobs nobody else wanted. Workers picked up baby piglets, and castrated the males without anesthesia, threw them against concrete walls. Pigs’ throats were slits and bled out, left to died slowly on the filthy concrete floors.Whatever you say and believe about animal welfare and protection agencies and their agendas, these exposés are real. No one can fake these events. Pigs are smart sentient beings, some say more than dogs (that’s very intelligent!) – If you eat pork, that’s fine – I’m not going to try to convert you. But know that there’s everything wrong about treating ANY living thing with such disregard and cruelty.

Take with this what you will… spread the word if you care. I’m donating money to help uncover some of the truth and hope I’m doing my part.


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Save Wyoming’s Wolves

from Defenders of Wildlife

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and the new Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe announced details of Wyoming’s wolf management plan that would allow wolves to be shot on sight across the state, reports Defenders of Wildlife.

It is no mystery that wolf preservation has been in the spotlight and is a controversial issues. Farmers and private land owners claim that wolves kill their livestock which gives the state imperatives to eliminate some of the wolf population. While this may be a temporary solution, it is a cruel and unnecessary one, since there seems to be other ways to control this issue. Wolves remain in the decline, even as they have flourished over the last decade since reintroduction in this region. In Alaska, Sarah Palin and the state offers bounty for $150 per wolf killed. Wolves are chased down to exhaustion by helicopters, poisoned, trapped. Pups are left in dens to die, and sometimes, hunters seek them out and shoot all the pups on site. “this is not only unethical, it undermines the continued recovery of (wolves)” and “sabotage wolf migration from Wyoming to Colorado, Utah and other areas where wolves have historically made their homes.”

Tell the Fish and Wildlife Service that you’re outraged by this in Wyoming. Call the Service at 1-800-344-WILD (9453)

And note this: there has never been a recorded instance where wolves killed humans UNPROVOKED. There is a lot of misunderstanding about how wolves are evil – they are severely misrepresented. And as they are at the top of the food chain, are essential to the natural order of the species. Think deers are overrunning the wild? Well, if you kill the wolves, then we would have a bigger problem, and that would mean, more hunting, more unnecessary, killings of deers and other wildlife.

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A Quick Brief

I’ve been busy, so haven’t had a chance to address issues of late. Here is a few quick things:

1) Japan Tsumani /Earthquake – this sad event that occurred nearly two months ago is still having an enormous effect in the country and beyond. While thousands of human lives are lost and without homes and shelter, animals are also neglected, homeless and suffering. Please donate to the Red Cross to help with their efforts to help those in need, and go to American Humane Association’s Red Star Animal Rescue and give.

2) 2011 Canadian Seal Hunt – Another year, another heartache. I revisit this issue every year, and hopefully the number of seals to be hunted during this season has gone down. But it’s still happening—baby harp seals await teams of Canadian Seal hunters to bludgeon, shot, stabbed, and killed for their pelts. It’s unspeakable – please continue to spread the word and boycott Canadian products. For more information, visit

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Save Toby

We’ve all seen or heard about, a website by some guy that features photos and videos of his cute little rabbit, but then threaten to cook and eat the rabbit unless he receives $50K.

I love rabbits, and I don’t eat them. I sympathize with animal lovers and activists who got so worked up about this. But I do think this got blown out of proportion, because I don’t think that guy was being serious even though he said he was. Anyway, funny or not, Toby has been saved, thanks to the coverage on NBC.

via SaveToby.comSee the story here on MSNBC

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The Bond: Our Kinship to Animals, Our Call to Defend Them

I’m looking forward to reading the new book, The Bond: Our Kinship to Animals, Our Call to Defend Them, by Wayne Parcelle, the President of the Humane Society of United States. Whether you’re a fan of the organization or not, there will be things here that you can learn about the general state of animal welfare and cruelty, and how we can contribute to make it a kinder world for animals and humans alike.  See except below:

As harsh as nature is for animals, cruelty comes only from human hands. We are the creature of conscience, aware of the wrongs we do and fully capable of making things right. Our best instincts will always tend in that direction, because there is a bond with animals that’s built into every one of us. That bond of kinship and fellow-feeling has been with us through the entire arc of human experience—from our first bare-footed steps on the planet through the era of the domestication of animals and into the modern age. For all that sets humanity apart, animals remain “our companions in Creation,” to borrow a phrase from Pope Benedict XVI, bound up with us in the story of life on earth. Every act of callousness toward an animal is a betrayal of that bond. In every act of kindness we keep faith with the bond. And broadly speaking, the whole mission of the animal welfare cause is to repair the bond—for their sake and for our own.

In our day, there are stresses and fractures of the human-animal bond, and some forces at work that would sever it once and for all. They pull us in the wrong direction and away from the decent and honorable code that makes us care for creatures who are entirely at our mercy. Especially within the last 200 years, we’ve come to apply an industrial mindset to the use of animals, too often viewing them as if they were nothing but articles of commerce, the raw material of science, or mere obstacles in the path of our own progress. Here, as in other pursuits, human ingenuity has a way of outrunning human conscience, and some things we do only because we can—forgetting to ask whether we should.”

Pre-Order at

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Help Animals This Holiday And Get a Tax Write-offs!

The holiday season is here. One of many things I do for good during this time is making nice donations to my favorite animal welfare organizations, of course, I donate to Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders too. The best thing about this is you get to deduct your donations and cut down on taxes owed to the government on April 15. But you have to do it before 2011.
If you’re not sure to whom, I’ve listed a few reputable ones here. You can always go on their site and see how they use this money to help run their orgnizations and help animals!

1. Humane Society of the United States
2. Defenders of Wildlife
4. International Funds for Animal Welfare
5. The Marine Mammal Center

There are many more. Another way to find good resources to good causes go to

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The Horror of Meat

I was raised to eat meat. I was taught that as humans I was born with the instinct to survive, and my superior intelligence entitles me to hunt and eat inferior animals. And when I say “I” or “me”, I actually mean all humans and you.

This will all change when I first saw the movie “Faces of Death” when I was 13 years old. A particular series tell the story of slaughterhouses. I did not want to see it, but it was shown at a youth center I went to after school, surprised that they would show this to young teens anyhow. I tried to forget I saw this series, because the horrors of it still lives with me to this day.

I understand that it is extremely hard to not eat meat, and a lot of people I know start off small – by cutting out beef, then pork, then chicken and so on. Most people love a good burger, and so do I. Most people will try to ignore the fact that our meat comes from horrible cruelty, and eat it with a distant guilty conscience, like I do. When I saw a video 10 years ago of how baby pigs were killed, I stopped eating ribs and bacon for 2 years. I believe I can do this again very easily. And I will.

Then today, I came across this website, no doubt it’s probably from PETA, a video featuring Paul McCartney. I immediately regurgitated my dinner, and instantly regretted at pressing the “play” button. But the reality is, that it reinforced my decision to become vegetarian.

I sympathize with those who loves to eat meat, but I just want to ask you to take a moment, and think about not only the harm that it does to your body (at least the non-organic meats), but how cruel the industry really is. If you are interested, see this video here. I warn that it is not easy.

I took screenshots of so screens here. The first one is a cow hung by its feet, throat slit and bled out. Its head is almost falling off, but he’s still alive, and twitching. A little piglet is getting stomped on and electrocuted. Can you imagine the pain and suffering billions of livestock go through for your taste buds?

Please stop eating meat.


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10 Reasons Why Fur Is Wrong

If you just could just humor me for a minute, let me express why fur is wrong.

1) The fashion industry represents corporate America. It is here to make you spend money on fabulous clothes (which I am a victim of). They are contributors to credit card debts, anorexia, bad body images in young women everywhere, for the sake of profit.

2) Animals are bred for their fur, the rest of their bodies mostly get discarded, so they’re not even used for its fullest potential.

3) Faux fur look almost exactly like real fur, and you don’t have to think about having something dead hanging around your neck.

4) Cats and Dogs are beaten to a pulp. And many of these are pets which have been abducted from owners in certain countries.

5) Rabbits are hung by their legs, twitching, bleeding, screaming, while they are electrocuted, knifed, and their fur stripped from their bodies while they are still alive. Bunnies!!!

6) In the wild, minks and foxes chew their own arms and legs off to free themselves from traps. How horrific is that?

7) You can eat meat and still be against wearing fur. It’s not an all-or-nothing deal, so don’t let the hard-core vegetarians tell you otherwise.  At least livestock get all their meat consumed and their lives were not totally wasted for vanity. Although I don’t eat red meat anymore so don’t even think about calling me a hypocrite.

8) Teaching your children that fur is wrong only makes them to grow up compassionate beings.

9) Animals are not disposable. In one form or another, all countries have their version of loving pets. If you look at the bigger picture, animals are living beings, capable of feelings, sensations, and certain emotions.

10) and… you can honestly say that you are a compassionate human being if you just don’t indulge in fur-trim coats.

You get the picture.

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They’re Just Rabbits—not.

Sure, rabbits are rodents, and many find rodents repulsive. But many find bunnies to be furry little creatures that bring children joy, and we all grow up know bunnies are one of the cutest animals on earth.

And they feel love, sadness, and pain. Yes they do. Just watch this video of rabbits scream in the midst of horrible slaughter, if you can stomach it. It will break your heart. “…narrated by actor Gillian Anderson, shows rabbits kicking and screaming during slaughter. After the skin is ripped from the rabbits’ bodies, it is sold to designers such as Giorgio Armani—who uses rabbit fur in his new designs.”

Write to Armani and let him know you think fur is not necessary for fashion, at the address below:

Please also send polite comments to:
Giorgio Armani Corporation
114 Fifth Ave., 17th Fl.
New York, NY 10011

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Fur Still Alive and Strong in NYC

I haven’t blogged for a while, mainly because of my busy professional schedule, and to be honest, to let the steam cool off from my China Cat Massacre post that is getting a lot of debate, both positive and negative.

Fashion Week is one of the biggest event in NEW YORK CITY, and say what you will about PETA, though I’m not a big fan of their tactics, someone has to stand up against FUR. Like the years before 2010, PETA is holding a public protest, this year themed “Animal Prints. Not Animal Skin.” Though I don’t think spilling red paint on people’s fur coats just to make the point is cool by any means, I do think that showing up to show support for anti-fur can help make a strong statement.

Over the years, I’ve noticed a lot of brand name designers like Stella McCartney and other retail chains like Payless shunning the use of fur in their lines, and it’s a growing trend – many of my friends stopped buying fur trimmed coats and are more conscientious about shopping. But in the September issue of VOGUE for which I eagerly awaited (mostly for their insightful articles – truly), I was disgusted with the amount of fur ads and trend reports within. Even designers like Donna Karan had some fur pieces.

Looks like I’m going to have to add more labels to my boycott list. You think I am happy about that? NO. I love fashion, particularly the new Gucci and Fendi handbags – but I’m making a choice not to be a patron until they stop perpetuating the cycle of cruelty.


image via PETA

What: Anti-fur protest during NYC’s Fashion Week
Tuesday, September 14, 11:45 a.m.
Sidewalk outside Lincoln Center by the main steps on Columbus between 65th and 62nd avenues (See this map.)

RSVP by e-mailing my colleague Ashley at or 757-274-9675.

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