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The Bond: Our Kinship to Animals, Our Call to Defend Them

I’m looking forward to reading the new book, The Bond: Our Kinship to Animals, Our Call to Defend Them, by Wayne Parcelle, the President of the Humane Society of United States. Whether you’re a fan of the organization or not, there will be things here that you can learn about the general state of animal welfare and cruelty, and how we can contribute to make it a kinder world for animals and humans alike.  See except below:

As harsh as nature is for animals, cruelty comes only from human hands. We are the creature of conscience, aware of the wrongs we do and fully capable of making things right. Our best instincts will always tend in that direction, because there is a bond with animals that’s built into every one of us. That bond of kinship and fellow-feeling has been with us through the entire arc of human experience—from our first bare-footed steps on the planet through the era of the domestication of animals and into the modern age. For all that sets humanity apart, animals remain “our companions in Creation,” to borrow a phrase from Pope Benedict XVI, bound up with us in the story of life on earth. Every act of callousness toward an animal is a betrayal of that bond. In every act of kindness we keep faith with the bond. And broadly speaking, the whole mission of the animal welfare cause is to repair the bond—for their sake and for our own.

In our day, there are stresses and fractures of the human-animal bond, and some forces at work that would sever it once and for all. They pull us in the wrong direction and away from the decent and honorable code that makes us care for creatures who are entirely at our mercy. Especially within the last 200 years, we’ve come to apply an industrial mindset to the use of animals, too often viewing them as if they were nothing but articles of commerce, the raw material of science, or mere obstacles in the path of our own progress. Here, as in other pursuits, human ingenuity has a way of outrunning human conscience, and some things we do only because we can—forgetting to ask whether we should.”

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BP Oil Spill: A Sad Affair

It pains me much to think about the BP oil spill that has devastated so much of our oceans and life within. It is clear that this sad event was not an act of god or simply the fault of any one party. Sarah Palin blamed this on the Europeans, of course. What else would you expect a simpleton to say?

Sadly, this is not just a political issue, and as we all know, it’s a serious environmental (as well as business as usual) issue. Everyday, as we sit back and enjoy our lives, turn on the news to hear about the continued leaking of millions of gallons of oil into our seas, whales, dolphin, sea turtles, sea birds die. Two weeks ago was 250 sea turtles that regularly migrate in the Gulf area, last week was birds coated with oil, and this week was dead sea mammals. What’s left of our ocean’s healthy corals wither away.

We can’t, for one second, believe that things will eventually be resolved and go back to normal. The oil spill was an extraordinary event that calls for extraordinary action, on the part of corporations, government, and people. Whether you question the legitimacy of domestic oil drilling, dependency on foreign oil, alternative fuels, there is no one answer. We can only hope hat our dependence on oil and relentless rape of the earth’s natural resources need to end. The blame game of this disaster will get us nowhere, it’s no one party’s fault, it’s the fault of everyone, and every nation. BP need to plug up that hole, Obama needs to get really pissed, GreenPeace and environmental agencies need to fight hard. And we need to learn from this, and learn big.

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Make a Difference on Earth Day 2010

The 40th Earth Day is upon us. As we face serious global climate change, take this day to take back planet earth.

You can do many things, for example:

• Plant a small herb garden or a native shrub

• Change all your light bulbs to the curly Qs

• Donate to a wildlife or environmental organization

• Bring all your old laptops to a Best Buy for free recycling

• Shred a bunch of newspaper and magazines for mailing packages, instead of using bubble wrap

• Take a walk and appreciate nature, at a park near you

• Buy organic products, groceries, and don’t forget to bring your grocery bag from home

• Don’t take taxicabs, don’t drive your car

• Unplug all unused appliances as even ones that’s not “on” suck electricity

• Don’t drink bottled water, use a filter instead

• Have your local coffee shop fill your own travel mug, save paper cups

• Save your old batteries and send them for recycling

• Get your friends together and restore a national park refuge

• Go to and get ideas on how to be green. And for everything you shop through there, they contribute their proceeds to plant a tree.

Wear GREEN. It’s not just for St. Patricks Day!

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Canadian Seal Hunt Begins

Spring is finally here again, and it brings a sense of renewal and happiness , but not so for the harp seals in Canada. As we speak , the charter boats parked alongside the ice caps , are hunters with clubs and shotguns in hand, ready to bash in the heads of 2-weeks and older seal pups, pulled from their mothers, and with their moulting grey fur (from white) stripped from their body while still alive. The snow is once again tainted in blood red, a horrific sight like that from a murder movie. But it is all too real, heartbreaking to see and hear the screaming of these beautiful creatures. This is all in the name of commercial profit, and the excuse of how the Canadians needs this to sustain employment and the economy.

As always for me, it is the way in which these animals are slaughtered. Merciless, cruel, barbaric, and just plain unnecessary and shameful. This year, the quota for seal kills is near 300,000.
With global warming, it is reported that the seals are in even more imminent danger of drowning and starvation, as the ice caps are melting away. Must we finish the job until there are none left?

Go to and Humane Society and sign the petition!!!!

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Canadian Seal Hunt 2010

I’ve requested a cause to be created on Social Vibe. Please visit and join the discussion.

The Canadian Seal Hunt will soon begin again this winter. Each year, Canadian sealers charge their boats into the snowy territories in Northern Canada with clubs and shotguns in hand, ready for blood. Canada claims that this is necessary as it brings jobs and economical prosperity to the regions, yet many believe this explanation is unfounded. Each year, over 250,000 baby harp seals are slaughtered on the ice, for their skin and white fur. Barely 3 weeks old, they will be torn from their mothers, shot or clubbed on the head to death, while many, still alive and screaming in agony, skinned for their furs, a horrific murder scene on the pristine, beautiful snow tainted in red.There has been a public outcry against such unspeakable acts of cruelty. European countries have already banned Canadian food from import in 2009, and this will get even more attention this year. Please boycott Canadian goods and learn more about this issue and spread the word, sign as many petitions to help legislators bring an end to this. Thank you.

To learn more, please visit

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Help to Win Congressional Vote to End the Slaughter

Deep in Alaska, the aerial hunting of wolves continues this winter. More than 1,000 of these precious predators, the wolves have been chased to exhaustion and gunned down in deep snow. The animals die an slow agonizing death, crawling and suffering and trying to get away, or until the shooter sends a final execution shot into their heads.

Image: hunted wolves via Defenders of Wildlife Defenders of Wildlife and many people around the nation are trying to urge Congress to pass the vote to end this barbaric practice and from spreading to other states like the Montana, Idaho, Wyoming. More and more government representatives and senators are getting on board.

Spread the word and if you can, donate to help Defenders continue to fight for the lives of this fast-disappearing species.

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Click My Badge For A Good Cause

Please click on the badge to the right. I’ve chosen the World Wildlife Fund as my charity to help promote the reduction of greenhouse gases, and I’ve chosen Showtime as the sponsor. Every click will help the cause. It’s free — just click!

I know I’ve been lagging a bit this summer. I will be posting very soon – thanks for visiting my blog!

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Idaho Wolf Packs to be Exterminated


Some things never change. While President Obama’s victory in many ways represent good things to come, the seemingly less signifcant matters (in people’s minds) go remain the same. Awaiting the decision by the new Secretary of Interior, Ken Salazar, the Dept of Fish and Game may be able to target multiple wolf packs and families for extermination in Idaho. I suspect they are claiming “population control,” but it seems to me that it has been the longest time since this country has had a problem with wolf overpopulation. Farmers say their livestocks are in jeopardy but there must be non lethal and efficient methods to keep wolves away. Killing them is not the answer.

The species needs to be preserved, as wolves are endangered. Learn more here.

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Polar Bears $35K Bounty

The cruel hunt of Polar Bears via The Independent

The cruel hunt of Polar Bears via The Independent

We all know that polar bears are on the brink of extinction, due to global warming and the melting ice caps, this species is having increasingly difficulty hunting for food, swimming long distance and drowning. Scientists say just that alone will bring them to extinction in 50 years, if we don’t act now and reverse the damages. And now in the Arctic Circle, hundreds and thousands of hunters come to hunt for polar bears for $35,000 a head, and they come from all over the world- Mexico, Europe, the U.S, and even Canada’s “Inuit” communities, many of whom hunt their quotas and legally sell them onto outsiders wiling to part with cash.  For some countries, they allow hunters to take polar bear hides back, as long as they have the paperwork. According to the Independent, last year the U.S. banned the importation of polar bear hides but most countries, including Britain, place no restrictions on the skins.

This is more than an unfortunate thing – with these practices still legal, this magnificent species will soon be no more. Without them, seal populations will explode, calling for an excuse for more seal slaughter. Arctic animals will have nothing to scavenge on, with less to eat they too will barely survive. People don’t realize that what we do have an impact on everything, down to very tiny insects on earth, causing a domino effect.

Read the full article here.

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A New Dawn For Wildlife – Obama

cover of The Herald

cover of The Herald

Thanks to all who voted Obama to be our next president. This is a historic moment for the American people as much as for wildlife conservation and the environment. Also with more key environmental leaders now in control of Congress, we hope for a better chance for dialogue and to restore policies that will protect animals, address global warming and the energy crisis in meaningful ways. This is no doubt, one of the biggest victories in our time. Watch this video here, director of Defenders of Wildlife speaks about all this. It’s a new beginning for something great, for humans and animals. Just MAYBE, wolves and polar bears will have a chance. (Sorry Sarah Palin!)

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