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It has been a busy few months, but I promise to post something every soon. Thanks everyone 🙂


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Cats for Tough Guys

Well, that confirms it. Tough guys love cats. So if you know any guy who says cats are gay or girlie, tell him to see these videos. Join the movement on Facebook and get updates on videos from YouTube.

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Care2: Make a Difference

Featuring yet another time on my blog is Care2 ( A site dedicated to bringing awareness to various global and local, human, environment, animal causes. It is a great community to join to keep up on the important issues that affect the world. If you’re not up for doing the leg work, they do it all. They create polls, petitions and provide ways for people to take actions on issues important to them. The link to animal welfare is here.

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Etsy For Animals

Another great way to help animals this holiday is by shopping, a community of talented artists who create art for sale.

From Etsy:

Etsy gets even better with the team Etsy for Animals (EFA), which is made up of a group of amazingly talented independent artists and crafters who use their abilities to benefit animals. EFA members donate anywhere from 10 to 100 percent of their sales to an animal charity of their choosing, or to the team’s featured charity of the month.

Read full article here on Care2

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Something Fun For Cat Lovers

From two engineers – you can’t go wrong!

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Make a Difference on Earth Day 2010

The 40th Earth Day is upon us. As we face serious global climate change, take this day to take back planet earth.

You can do many things, for example:

• Plant a small herb garden or a native shrub

• Change all your light bulbs to the curly Qs

• Donate to a wildlife or environmental organization

• Bring all your old laptops to a Best Buy for free recycling

• Shred a bunch of newspaper and magazines for mailing packages, instead of using bubble wrap

• Take a walk and appreciate nature, at a park near you

• Buy organic products, groceries, and don’t forget to bring your grocery bag from home

• Don’t take taxicabs, don’t drive your car

• Unplug all unused appliances as even ones that’s not “on” suck electricity

• Don’t drink bottled water, use a filter instead

• Have your local coffee shop fill your own travel mug, save paper cups

• Save your old batteries and send them for recycling

• Get your friends together and restore a national park refuge

• Go to and get ideas on how to be green. And for everything you shop through there, they contribute their proceeds to plant a tree.

Wear GREEN. It’s not just for St. Patricks Day!

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From Your Heart: Make a Donation this Holiday

It can be $10, $20, or whatever you could afford. Each year around this time, I make donations, some as gifts for my friends and family, to animal welfare organizations. You can take a tax deduction at tax time, and what’s even better, you will be helping out animals everywhere. See my “Animal Organizations” on the right column – or make a donation to a shelter in your neighborhood.

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Click on My Badge and Help Feed Homeless Dogs

Everyone, please click the badge to the right, and spend 2 minutes doing the quick activities through Social Vibe. You will totally help with feed homeless dogs in shelters at th LACPA. Happy Holiday!

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Birthday Wish

It is my birthday wish today and in the near future, that there will be no more animal cruelty in the world. My cat gave me a big kiss – can’t get better than this!

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Help Animals This Summer

10 things you can do

I’ve gathered 10 items from various sources with suggestions on how you can help the animal causes this month. They are all easy to do and some will feel really rewarding. Small steps – big leap for animals!

1. Write to corporations and governments that practice or support puppy mills (including your local pet shop selling puppies), factory farming, and other abuse you feel passionate about.

2. Learn to cook a fabulous vegan or vegetarian meal, and share the recipes with your friends! Get recipes here

3. Meet people like you anywhere like online communities, who advocate for animals – share ideas and debate. Go to and learn more, or social sites like Humane Society Network.

4. Volunteer at your local animal shelter or the ASCPA, in New York City/Brooklyn, a great one that needs a lot of help is BARC Shelter in the Dumbo district. You will help walk dogs around the park, bring a friend.

5. Scout out 3 animal welfare organizations that fit your cause, and donate $25, $50 or whatever you feel comfortable with to each organization. You would be surprised how much good a little money can do. My favorites are Defenders of Wildlife, Humane Society of the United States, International Fund For Animals. Local shelthers like the Northshore Animal League is no-kill, and Bide-a-Wee in NYC as well as BARC in Brooklyn.

6. Start a blog about animals, whether it’s just about the pure love of your favorite animal, breed. Or get even more active with a welfare blog. Make taking pictures this summer fun by starting a photo blog of the dogs and cats you see in your neighborhood.

7. Go to a local dog park, and enjoy a nice summer day. Appreciate the simplicities of life.

8. Attend a show at Cirque Du Soleil, a non-animal circus. They are amazing and far more entertaining than watching elephants get whipped into a standing position. See their show listings and schedule here.

9. Adopt a cat or dog at your local shelter. If you can, adopt one from a kill-shelter, as you can save lives, especially an adult who has a lesser chance of getting a loving home, or a cat with one eye who suffered abuse. They deserve your love. Go to and browse the thousands of animals.

10. Decide on an animal welfare topic most close to your heart, and make a simple flyer (don’t forget to include instructions on what they can do to make a difference) and pass it out at a farmer’s market, dog park, supermarkets, etc. This one takes a little bit of guts – I’ve done it once on the subject of Veal Cows – you will get positive encouragement from people, or some people just don’t care, but that’s how you start something important!

And finally, have fun!

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