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Sarah Palin Does Not Belong on the Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel has signed a $1 million deal with Sarah Palin to host a reality TV show called “Sarah’s Palin’s Alaska”.  At first I did not believe it, thinking it was a hoax, but unfortunately, it’s confirmed by news sources. Read more here. Also on CNN.

As I wanted to keep an open mind about learning more about Alaska, I can hardly believe that Palin would the person to teach me about the last beautiful and wildest frontier of America. I mean, what is she going to teach us, that the Second Amendment gives her the right to kill wildlife and it’s part of life and necessity in her state? The Discovery Channel is home to Animal Planet, Planet Green, TLC (The Learning Channel), once know for its advocacy for the preservation for wildlife. Cashing in on Palin’s undeserved popularity is like turning its back on everything they once held sacred.

I don’t care how the Discovery Channel is going to justify this – Sarah Palin is the woman who proposed legislation for aerial hunting of precious wild wolves (here’s her comments on Huffington Post on hunt strategy), gutting moose and caribous for fun and tradition.  This is the woman who opposes global warming, who ridicules environmentalists and conservationists, who thinks whales and wolves should not be on the Endangered Species Act.

She is wrong for Discovery Channel. Wrong for the environment, and wrong for any sort of wildlife conservation. Urge the Discovery Channel to change their minds –PLEASE TAKE ACTION AND SIGN THE PETITION!!!!


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Canadian Seal Hunt Begins

Spring is finally here again, and it brings a sense of renewal and happiness , but not so for the harp seals in Canada. As we speak , the charter boats parked alongside the ice caps , are hunters with clubs and shotguns in hand, ready to bash in the heads of 2-weeks and older seal pups, pulled from their mothers, and with their moulting grey fur (from white) stripped from their body while still alive. The snow is once again tainted in blood red, a horrific sight like that from a murder movie. But it is all too real, heartbreaking to see and hear the screaming of these beautiful creatures. This is all in the name of commercial profit, and the excuse of how the Canadians needs this to sustain employment and the economy.

As always for me, it is the way in which these animals are slaughtered. Merciless, cruel, barbaric, and just plain unnecessary and shameful. This year, the quota for seal kills is near 300,000.
With global warming, it is reported that the seals are in even more imminent danger of drowning and starvation, as the ice caps are melting away. Must we finish the job until there are none left?

Go to and Humane Society and sign the petition!!!!

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Click My Badge For A Good Cause

Please click on the badge to the right. I’ve chosen the World Wildlife Fund as my charity to help promote the reduction of greenhouse gases, and I’ve chosen Showtime as the sponsor. Every click will help the cause. It’s free — just click!

I know I’ve been lagging a bit this summer. I will be posting very soon – thanks for visiting my blog!

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It’s earth day – and more than ever before, it’s a day of reflection. With the increasingly changing climate, diminishing of natural resources, endangered wildlife, and other critical environmental issues, Earth Day marks the beginning of a new era of people doing something to better this planet for the next generations.

Please do something good for yourself and others (if you haven’t lately) — turn off the lights, recycle, stop and smell the trees or flowers, smoke less,  take a walk instead of driving if you can, pet an animal, donate to meaningful causes, and spread the word.


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Polar Bears $35K Bounty

The cruel hunt of Polar Bears via The Independent

The cruel hunt of Polar Bears via The Independent

We all know that polar bears are on the brink of extinction, due to global warming and the melting ice caps, this species is having increasingly difficulty hunting for food, swimming long distance and drowning. Scientists say just that alone will bring them to extinction in 50 years, if we don’t act now and reverse the damages. And now in the Arctic Circle, hundreds and thousands of hunters come to hunt for polar bears for $35,000 a head, and they come from all over the world- Mexico, Europe, the U.S, and even Canada’s “Inuit” communities, many of whom hunt their quotas and legally sell them onto outsiders wiling to part with cash.  For some countries, they allow hunters to take polar bear hides back, as long as they have the paperwork. According to the Independent, last year the U.S. banned the importation of polar bear hides but most countries, including Britain, place no restrictions on the skins.

This is more than an unfortunate thing – with these practices still legal, this magnificent species will soon be no more. Without them, seal populations will explode, calling for an excuse for more seal slaughter. Arctic animals will have nothing to scavenge on, with less to eat they too will barely survive. People don’t realize that what we do have an impact on everything, down to very tiny insects on earth, causing a domino effect.

Read the full article here.

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A New Dawn For Wildlife – Obama

cover of The Herald

cover of The Herald

Thanks to all who voted Obama to be our next president. This is a historic moment for the American people as much as for wildlife conservation and the environment. Also with more key environmental leaders now in control of Congress, we hope for a better chance for dialogue and to restore policies that will protect animals, address global warming and the energy crisis in meaningful ways. This is no doubt, one of the biggest victories in our time. Watch this video here, director of Defenders of Wildlife speaks about all this. It’s a new beginning for something great, for humans and animals. Just MAYBE, wolves and polar bears will have a chance. (Sorry Sarah Palin!)

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Please vote on Nov 4. While this election never focused on wildlife conservation, which is a huge disappointment as it is closely tied with global warming and environmental issues, I’d still vote for Obama since the Republicans have a long history of pro-NRA stance and tend to opt for more environmental disasters. Palin represents all that’s wrong for animal rights – advocating the shooting of wolves, an endangered species, as well as other wildlife in her state. If you’re undecided on whom to vote for but care about animals, please vote Obama. (For those who feel the need to rebut, please note that this is solely an animal issue, nothing else. I leave everyone to vote for issues most dear to them. Republican or Democrat or any other party.

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Why I Do This

If I had to tell someone what are the most important issues to me today, I will say, the world, in general because it is heading downhill. But what I really want to say is, ANIMALS. Maybe my mom’s wise words to me about how to treat others and always put myself in someone’s shoes in life, had an affect on me. where there are helpless people suffering in the world, there are even more helpless animals. Because animals feel but can’t speak for themselves, I feel the need to speak for them, even if it’s in a little blog like mine. I’m just mad as hell because there is so much tragedy surrounding animals, in every part of the world, in every region, every city street. I don’t know why humans exploit them, and when they run out of ways to do that, they would find more unthinkable, crueler ways to exploit them more. I’m mad as hell that there are not more people out there doing something, but at the same time, I’m thankful that there ARE so many people who DO. The most important animal issues to me are: Chinese fur farms (killing of dogs and cats in extremely cruel ways), Canadian seal hunt, puppy mills, hunting of any animals, animal testing, inhumane farming, and animal education. Friends, speak up!

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Palin Leaves Polar Bears Out In the Cold

This excerpt from about Palin says it all so I’m just going to quote it directly. Polar bears are of utmost importance to the Alaskan wilderness that are clearly endangered and disappearing right before our eyes, Palin maintains that polar bears are not worthy of being protected and preserved under the Endangered Species Act. It’s the oil – guys. That’s all she cares about.

polar bear image featured on by Daniel J. Fox /Corbis

polar bear image featured on by Daniel J. Fox /Corbis

“In January, Sarah Palin wrote in a New York Times op-ed piece, “[polar bears] are worthy of our utmost efforts to protect them and their Arctic habitat. But adding polar bears to the nation’s list of endangered species, as some are now proposing, should not be part of those efforts.” In May, the Alaskan governor opposed the Interior Department’s listing the polar bear as threatened, and prompted the ire of environmentalists and animal rights activists. In August, Palin, who has long advocated opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling, rallied her fellow Alaskan officials to sue Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne, arguing that extending protection to the polar bear under the Endangered Species Act is unwarranted and will hinder Alaska’s gas industry and offshore drilling development.”


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One Reason to Vote For Obama

This is a not my platform for politics, but I would like to encourage those who are undecided but care about the environment and wildlife to vote for Barack Obama. Certainly there are many issues in our country today that need reform such as education, healthcare, foreign relations, human equality, etc. Even as animals (unfortunately) come second before people, we must NOT forget about them. The Democratic ticket’s stance on the promise to address global warming and the path to a cleaner environment will directly impact wildlife and their welfare on earth on both an international and national level. If this is an important issue for you, vote Barack Obama in November!

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