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Save Wyoming’s Wolves

from Defenders of Wildlife

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and the new Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe announced details of Wyoming’s wolf management plan that would allow wolves to be shot on sight across the state, reports Defenders of Wildlife.

It is no mystery that wolf preservation has been in the spotlight and is a controversial issues. Farmers and private land owners claim that wolves kill their livestock which gives the state imperatives to eliminate some of the wolf population. While this may be a temporary solution, it is a cruel and unnecessary one, since there seems to be other ways to control this issue. Wolves remain in the decline, even as they have flourished over the last decade since reintroduction in this region. In Alaska, Sarah Palin and the state offers bounty for $150 per wolf killed. Wolves are chased down to exhaustion by helicopters, poisoned, trapped. Pups are left in dens to die, and sometimes, hunters seek them out and shoot all the pups on site. “this is not only unethical, it undermines the continued recovery of (wolves)” and “sabotage wolf migration from Wyoming to Colorado, Utah and other areas where wolves have historically made their homes.”

Tell the Fish and Wildlife Service that you’re outraged by this in Wyoming. Call the Service at 1-800-344-WILD (9453)

And note this: there has never been a recorded instance where wolves killed humans UNPROVOKED. There is a lot of misunderstanding about how wolves are evil – they are severely misrepresented. And as they are at the top of the food chain, are essential to the natural order of the species. Think deers are overrunning the wild? Well, if you kill the wolves, then we would have a bigger problem, and that would mean, more hunting, more unnecessary, killings of deers and other wildlife.


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A Quick Brief

I’ve been busy, so haven’t had a chance to address issues of late. Here is a few quick things:

1) Japan Tsumani /Earthquake – this sad event that occurred nearly two months ago is still having an enormous effect in the country and beyond. While thousands of human lives are lost and without homes and shelter, animals are also neglected, homeless and suffering. Please donate to the Red Cross to help with their efforts to help those in need, and go to American Humane Association’s Red Star Animal Rescue and give.

2) 2011 Canadian Seal Hunt – Another year, another heartache. I revisit this issue every year, and hopefully the number of seals to be hunted during this season has gone down. But it’s still happening—baby harp seals await teams of Canadian Seal hunters to bludgeon, shot, stabbed, and killed for their pelts. It’s unspeakable – please continue to spread the word and boycott Canadian products. For more information, visit

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The Bond: Our Kinship to Animals, Our Call to Defend Them

I’m looking forward to reading the new book, The Bond: Our Kinship to Animals, Our Call to Defend Them, by Wayne Parcelle, the President of the Humane Society of United States. Whether you’re a fan of the organization or not, there will be things here that you can learn about the general state of animal welfare and cruelty, and how we can contribute to make it a kinder world for animals and humans alike.  See except below:

As harsh as nature is for animals, cruelty comes only from human hands. We are the creature of conscience, aware of the wrongs we do and fully capable of making things right. Our best instincts will always tend in that direction, because there is a bond with animals that’s built into every one of us. That bond of kinship and fellow-feeling has been with us through the entire arc of human experience—from our first bare-footed steps on the planet through the era of the domestication of animals and into the modern age. For all that sets humanity apart, animals remain “our companions in Creation,” to borrow a phrase from Pope Benedict XVI, bound up with us in the story of life on earth. Every act of callousness toward an animal is a betrayal of that bond. In every act of kindness we keep faith with the bond. And broadly speaking, the whole mission of the animal welfare cause is to repair the bond—for their sake and for our own.

In our day, there are stresses and fractures of the human-animal bond, and some forces at work that would sever it once and for all. They pull us in the wrong direction and away from the decent and honorable code that makes us care for creatures who are entirely at our mercy. Especially within the last 200 years, we’ve come to apply an industrial mindset to the use of animals, too often viewing them as if they were nothing but articles of commerce, the raw material of science, or mere obstacles in the path of our own progress. Here, as in other pursuits, human ingenuity has a way of outrunning human conscience, and some things we do only because we can—forgetting to ask whether we should.”

Pre-Order at

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Sarah Palin Does Not Belong on the Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel has signed a $1 million deal with Sarah Palin to host a reality TV show called “Sarah’s Palin’s Alaska”.  At first I did not believe it, thinking it was a hoax, but unfortunately, it’s confirmed by news sources. Read more here. Also on CNN.

As I wanted to keep an open mind about learning more about Alaska, I can hardly believe that Palin would the person to teach me about the last beautiful and wildest frontier of America. I mean, what is she going to teach us, that the Second Amendment gives her the right to kill wildlife and it’s part of life and necessity in her state? The Discovery Channel is home to Animal Planet, Planet Green, TLC (The Learning Channel), once know for its advocacy for the preservation for wildlife. Cashing in on Palin’s undeserved popularity is like turning its back on everything they once held sacred.

I don’t care how the Discovery Channel is going to justify this – Sarah Palin is the woman who proposed legislation for aerial hunting of precious wild wolves (here’s her comments on Huffington Post on hunt strategy), gutting moose and caribous for fun and tradition.  This is the woman who opposes global warming, who ridicules environmentalists and conservationists, who thinks whales and wolves should not be on the Endangered Species Act.

She is wrong for Discovery Channel. Wrong for the environment, and wrong for any sort of wildlife conservation. Urge the Discovery Channel to change their minds –PLEASE TAKE ACTION AND SIGN THE PETITION!!!!

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Canadian Seal Hunt Begins

Spring is finally here again, and it brings a sense of renewal and happiness , but not so for the harp seals in Canada. As we speak , the charter boats parked alongside the ice caps , are hunters with clubs and shotguns in hand, ready to bash in the heads of 2-weeks and older seal pups, pulled from their mothers, and with their moulting grey fur (from white) stripped from their body while still alive. The snow is once again tainted in blood red, a horrific sight like that from a murder movie. But it is all too real, heartbreaking to see and hear the screaming of these beautiful creatures. This is all in the name of commercial profit, and the excuse of how the Canadians needs this to sustain employment and the economy.

As always for me, it is the way in which these animals are slaughtered. Merciless, cruel, barbaric, and just plain unnecessary and shameful. This year, the quota for seal kills is near 300,000.
With global warming, it is reported that the seals are in even more imminent danger of drowning and starvation, as the ice caps are melting away. Must we finish the job until there are none left?

Go to and Humane Society and sign the petition!!!!

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Help to Win Congressional Vote to End the Slaughter

Deep in Alaska, the aerial hunting of wolves continues this winter. More than 1,000 of these precious predators, the wolves have been chased to exhaustion and gunned down in deep snow. The animals die an slow agonizing death, crawling and suffering and trying to get away, or until the shooter sends a final execution shot into their heads.

Image: hunted wolves via Defenders of Wildlife Defenders of Wildlife and many people around the nation are trying to urge Congress to pass the vote to end this barbaric practice and from spreading to other states like the Montana, Idaho, Wyoming. More and more government representatives and senators are getting on board.

Spread the word and if you can, donate to help Defenders continue to fight for the lives of this fast-disappearing species.

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More Yellowstone Wolves Killed


It is disturbing to me to recently learned that wildlife INSIDE Yellowstone National park, a protected piece of territory by the U.S. allows the Dept of Fish and Game to approve the killing of wildlife, especially wolves, an endangered specie. The misinterpretation of why wolves need to be killed for the sake of farming in nearby territories and controlling of population is absurd.

The killing of a top predator in any wild territory can have devastating chain reaction for the rest of the foodchain and wildlife. People don’t realize that, if you kill off the predators, that will contribute to the overpopulation of animals down the food chain, and like a domino effect, more of them will need to be eradicated because there is no more top predator to control that population.

It is true that everyday, a wolf or a wolve pack, including PUPS are cruelly killed in the Northwest. Recently, more than 60 wolves in the family, have been killed in Idaho and Montana, including Yellowstone’s famed Cottonwood Pack and a radio-collared female from Idaho’s Phantom Hill Pack. This time, they’ve left the newborn pups to die and starve through the coming brutal winter months in that region.

Please take action by and learning more, or donate to the Defenders of Wildlife.

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Dolphin and Whale Slaughter Begins Again

The brutal killing of pilot dolphins, part of the whale family, began again this year in the harbor or Taiji, and the ocean is filled with blood. It is a horrific sight for those who don’t know. These animals are extremely endangered. They not only swim in our increasingly toxic oceans, they are often accidentally caught in fisher harpoons and drown. They’re also hunted for traditions by certain native American tribes (but usually once a year) and for food in the Asian regions, and many more other species of whales are at risk. People don’t realize that they are very much a big part of the ocean ecosystem, and their disappearance will severely impact the balance of all living creatures. There is currently little or no laws around this barbaric practice, but this is changing and we can only hope that more attention is given to it in the media. Please read Hayden Panetierre’s blog post at Social Vibe here. Sign the petition and spread the word. Below are some pictures from the site.

You can also visit the official site for the The Whaleman Foundation to learn more.

via Social Vibe

via Social Vibe

via Social Vibe

via Social Vibe

via The Whaleman Foundation

via The Whaleman Foundation

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Canada’s Seal Hunt – Bloody Business

If you happen to come upon this blog, you already know the seal hunt is WRONG. Here are some pictures from Rebecca Aldworth (HSI/Canada) who has been writing and documenting the atrocity on the ice. It is simply heartbreaking. Read her full entries here.

An excerpt:

“So often the suffering of the seals during this slaughter is viewed at a distance.

“It takes a special kind of person to club and shoot helpless baby seals.” © HSI/Sanchez, 04-03-09

From the air, from thousands of feet, somehow the pain of the animals does not transmit properly.

You see them wriggling across the ice, blood trailing behind them. You see their mouths open in a silent scream through the camera lens.

But from the ice it is different. You hear their cries, you see them try to escape, you smell the blood and you feel their terror.

Yesterday, the ProtectSeals team travelled to the seal killing area by our boat (a small, rigid, inflatable vessel), documenting the slaughter from 30 meters away. We witnessed so many seals dying a horrible death, as sealers shot at the terrified babies, and then descended on the wounded, struggling animals with wooden bats.

I will never be able to forget the agonizing assault on one seal. The pup was in front of our boat, and a nearby sealing vessel approached. The pup sniffed the air as if sensing danger.

He looked around, and then the first bullet slammed into him. His scream could be heard all across the water. He tried to crawl away but another bullet ripped through his flesh.

His outraged cries echoed as a third and fourth and fifth bullet hit him. Finally, he dove into the water. He did not come back up. The sealers shrugged nonchalantly and moved on.

We looked around frantically for him but he did not surface. Likely, this baby seal would have bled to death slowly and painfully under the water, like tens of thousands of other seals that are “struck and lost” each year in this cruel slaughter.

I want the world to remember this brave seal. His cries of protest are echoing in my mind and I want them to sound across the world. I want everyone to hear as I did the mortal cries of a wounded baby seal who doesn’t understand why he is being hurt.

And hearing those cries, know as I do that this slaughter simply has to stop.”

Images of the bloody business (via Humane Society of the United States):





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Clubbed, Shot, Skinned for Fur – Seal Hunt

A mother seal looks on her dead seal pups. A sea of blood cover the pristine ice.

A mother seal looks on her dead seal pups. A sea of blood cover the pristine ice.

I can’t blog about this enough – it is of utmost concern to me. Over 280,000 baby harp seals are being killed at this very moment.Please donate to the International Fund For Animals – the premiere animal welfare group in the U.S. fighting to preserve and save seals all over the world.

I just donated $100 now – who’s with me?

Charities such as Humane Society, PETA, and Mammal Mammal Center among many other organizations are in this fight!

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