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Animal Testing Company Directory on iPhone


PETA has designed a new iPhone app, BNB “Be Nice to Bunnies“. It’s a simple directory for those who wants to know what consumer products or companies test or don’t test on animals. I had no idea that so many of my favorite brands do testing, now thanks to this I will find alternatives. It’s not the most interesting app, but it is useful indeed for those who want to minimize their impact on animal suffering. $1.99 from your iPhone app store or learn more here.


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What’s Wrong With Fur

In the old days, fur was a mean for human survival in the wild. Humans killed animals for food, fur to protect themselves from harsh climates, and bones for tools. Today, carnivorism has not changed, which can be argued as ‘natural’ since this has been so engrained into our upbringing and subconscious appetite. For vegans and vegetarians, we applaud you for shedding meat off their list. It’s not only a humane thing to do, but it is also healthy to consume less red meat. But if you insist on eating meat, at least going the organic route since it is more humane.

As for fur, it is simply inexcusable to continue this barbaric practice in modern society. There are, of course, still tribes throughout the world where people still depend on fur for survival. But 95% of society today will buy or wear fur for glamour, fashion, status, and luxurious living. When one thinks even briefly about how animals suffer for this purpose, he or she will cringe for a moment. It used to be bears, tigers, foxes, minks and rabbits, and now some countries have added dogs and cats, like in China. This industry, if not breeding animals to slaughter, will capture homeless animals, or even abduct neighborhood companions, to torture, skin alive, beaten, even boiled animals for their fur and meat. Human perpetrators are not simply farm workers, they have been trained to become unfeeling, sadistic, callous, and mean people who don’t see animals as living beings. They laugh, smoke cigarettes and find satisfaction WHILE they are bludgeoning the animals to death. Much like in our own country today, farm animals like cows, pigs, horses, goats are being treated at factory farms in ways one can’t even imagine. If we eat the meat and wear the fur from animals that suffer that much, what does that make us? Some people would say, “well, this is the way we are, it’s none of our business, and it’s stupid to put so much thought into inferior beings- what about people?”, well, that’s like saying we should not end genocide, not help starving children and societies in the 3rd world, not give assistance to the hungry and diseased in Africa and other improverish nations. If you don’t think about it, it is not your concern and you can go on living your happy lives. This way of thinking is one-sided, irresponsible and selfish.

It is an excruciating fact to know this, and we must educate ourselves about this and spread the word. This winter, when you buy coats with “faux fur trims”, be sure to carefully judge for yourself if it is really faux. It could be racoon, or dog and cat fur. Especially if the garment is made in China – beware.

Thanks for reading. And don’t go accusing me to be some Peta-loving extremist. I am not in the slightest. I’m just any regular person in this world trying to make a difference, and animal welfare happen to be one of them.

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Just “Click” to Help Rescued Animals

logo-arsHello Friends!

please visit the this link and click on the purple button “Fund food fo animals” FOR FREE.

This helps the Animal Rescue site (sponsored by  meet their quota of getting free food donated every day to abused and neglected animals. Their sponsors and advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate food in exchange for advertising!

It takes you 10 sec. and it’s completely free. You don’t even have to fill in any forms.

Please do it now and pass it along to people you know!

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Why I Do This

If I had to tell someone what are the most important issues to me today, I will say, the world, in general because it is heading downhill. But what I really want to say is, ANIMALS. Maybe my mom’s wise words to me about how to treat others and always put myself in someone’s shoes in life, had an affect on me. where there are helpless people suffering in the world, there are even more helpless animals. Because animals feel but can’t speak for themselves, I feel the need to speak for them, even if it’s in a little blog like mine. I’m just mad as hell because there is so much tragedy surrounding animals, in every part of the world, in every region, every city street. I don’t know why humans exploit them, and when they run out of ways to do that, they would find more unthinkable, crueler ways to exploit them more. I’m mad as hell that there are not more people out there doing something, but at the same time, I’m thankful that there ARE so many people who DO. The most important animal issues to me are: Chinese fur farms (killing of dogs and cats in extremely cruel ways), Canadian seal hunt, puppy mills, hunting of any animals, animal testing, inhumane farming, and animal education. Friends, speak up!

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CauseCast – Connect With Those Who Cares

My friends at the interactive agency THE GROOP designed this amazing website for CauseCast, a website about important causes and philanthropy. One of the main issues it covers is animals, of course, which automatically peaked my interest. It’s a beautifully designed site, with many causes to engage anyone who wants to do good.  Please check it out and let’s do something for animals and people alike.

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Birds Dying From Ingesting Our Waste

My friend Kathleen sent me this short video which documents an exotic bird that died mysteriously. From an autopsy, environmentalists and scientists found a large amount of plastic contents in its stomach. This is what WE dump into our landfills and ocean. Please stop buying bottled fluids — do your part to help reduce the amount of plastic.

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September 3 – Japan Dolphin Day

On Sept. 3, 2008, join the world in protest against Japan’s annual cruel eradication of more than 23,000 dolphins and small whales. Permitted by their government, this is legal. 46 animal advocacy groups in 20 cities will be holding rallies at the Japanese Consulates including San Francisco, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles, to name a few. One thing they are trying to do is to convince the Japanese government to mandatorially label foods that include Dolphin meat, among other efforts to spread the word to consumers. This is a first step in an attempt to end dolphin slaughter and keep the pressure on Japan. To learn more about how you can help, visit this link.

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National Conference on Animal Protection July 19-21

Leading animal protection agencies will be hosting a conference in our nation’s capital to address current issues of animal welfare on July 19-21. If you’re in the neighborhood or feel like taking a nice trip down to D.C. this will be an educational event if you love and care for animals.

Here you will hear from 75 experts on animal campaigning and visit more than 500 exhibitors from all over the world. Speak with advocates in person about your concerns and interests. Rally at the Capitol’s doorstep to demand action against the cruelty of puppy mills. Get the latest scoop on factory farming, local animal abuse, animal fighting, and many more. Volunteer or sign up for a job and join in the fight for animals.

Register for the conference here

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Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition (BARC)

A good friend of mine began volunteering to walk dogs and care for cats for BARC, a non-profit, no-kill animal shelter based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Barc’s mission is to provide safe haven for the many homeless animals and find permanent, loving homes for them. The operation is made possible by volunteers, donations and revenue generated from their pet supplies business. My friend says they have many great dogs and cats waiting to be adopted. I think what he’s doing is so wonderful and everyone should try it — it must be such a rewarding feeling. If you’re interested, BARC is located at 253 Wythe Avenue (at North 1st Street), Williamsburg Brooklyn in NYC. Click here more for info on BARC.

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Horse-Drawn Carriage Horse – Response

Well, looks like my post on Horse-Drawn Carriage has elicit a negative response from a particular individual. Thanks for commenting but I want to clear this up a bit. My blog is written from a personal view, drawn from personal experiences as well as many sources I research. It is always my foremost duty to provide a honest, fair and balanced account.

To Decembergirl60, I applaud you for your love and respect for your own horses in providing a good life for them. However your case is an exception, not the rule. I’ve been a New Yorker for 25 years and have seen the conditions of horses around town. While I cannot say I know each horse intimately I do sense that most that I’ve seen appear rundown, tired, and agitated from noise pollution – there is no denying that traffic and horses don’t mix. All other comments, which I should have highlighted clearly was from various newsource like NYTimes, as well as humane organizations. I do not make this stuff up.

If you so vehemently disagree, I can only provide the following links. Oh, yes– according to the NYTimes, horse-drawn carriages have been banned in Lonodon, Paris, Toronto and Beijing. Again, thanks for your comments.


  1. Startled carriage horse dies after bolting onto a sidewalk, killed in Central Park
  2. Carriage horses and accidents in NYC – endangering people and animal (documented)
  3. Audit of practice fins inconsistencies. Horses deprived of water, risk of overheating, hot asphalt, inadequate drainage
  4. Horse drawn vehicles are outlawed in London, Paris, Toronto and Beijing.

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