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Pets on Death Row on Facebook

I discovered Pets on Death Row on Facebook. They seem to be a group of volunteers who rescue and help cats and kittens get adopted in NYC. Their Facebook page puts out a daily list and album of cats and kittens that are to euthanized the next day, so a sense of urgency is pretty big. I find it incredible that a group of people would do this – it’s a lot of work, taking pictures and surveying the euthanasia list daily.

Please go to their Facebook page to find out more or if you’re ready to adopt a kitty. It’s pretty disheartening to see all these cute faces. Sadly, most of them have been put down (shown in these pictures). You can really help save a life.


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From Your Heart: Make a Donation this Holiday

It can be $10, $20, or whatever you could afford. Each year around this time, I make donations, some as gifts for my friends and family, to animal welfare organizations. You can take a tax deduction at tax time, and what’s even better, you will be helping out animals everywhere. See my “Animal Organizations” on the right column – or make a donation to a shelter in your neighborhood.

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Help Stop the Mass Killing of Cats in Los Angeles

Below is from the Care 2 petition site – please take a moment and go to this link and sign the petition against this mass killing. It is no different than what they are doing over in China, where they spread false fears about diseases to citizens. Instead of euthanising the animals, they should help as many adopted as possible.

“The Los Angeles County Department of Health has contracted with the Carson Animal Shelter to trap cats at various locations across the county.  Hundreds, maybe thousands, of vaccinated, spayed, healthy cats will be killed.  Feral cats are not adoptable. These cats are no more of a threat to human health than the pets that walk through our neighborhoods every day.  This will cost the struggling taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, based on calculations from previous mass trappings.  Now is not the time to be spending, and killing is not the answer.”

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Freekibblekat is created by Mimi, a 12 yr old girl who loves cats. Visit the site daily and answer one trivia question to help feed hungry cats at shelters. The more you visit and answer, the more the advertisers will donate food to the shelters – there are currently 11 shelters benefiting from Mimi’s heroic deeds and many more to come. Visit today!

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Planet of the Cats

My friend Haj sent me a link to this wonderful video. It is about a place called The Cat House on the Kings, near Los Angeles. It is a no kill, no cage sanctuary for cats and some dogs to roam free. It’s a haven for animals otherwise unadoptable, overlooked at other shelters and homeless. Lynea Lattanzio, its wonderful owner has cared for 16,000 cats since 1992. A guy stumbled upon this place one day and decided to make a film. -via Gigglesugar.

Adopt one from the shelter or donate to the Cat House on the Kings

I hope to do this one day myself – see video here:

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On Oprah: Angel’s Gate Animal Hospice

My friend Evan sent me this link. Oprah did a special segment on a saint, Susan Marino, and her facility called Angel’s Gate Animal Hospice. The place is the first-ever care center and permanent home for hundreds of handicapped, sick, and dying animals, giving them much-needed love, medical care and a last chance to live happily ever after.

90% of the dogs and cats here came from puppy mills, where the animals suffered from living in unspeakable conditions and abuse. Nancy would bring in the worst case scenarios in effort to give them a home for life. It’s really a touching story—click on this link here and scroll down to watch the short movie. Make a donation at Angel’s Gate site or share this wonderful stories with your friends!

UPDATE April 2011

A few readers pointed out that Angel Gate is under investigation by the Delaware District Attorney’s office. PETA reports that AG calls itself a “hospice and rehab” center for disabled animals but undercover report reveals neglect and horrible conditions. Read the post here

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Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition (BARC)

A good friend of mine began volunteering to walk dogs and care for cats for BARC, a non-profit, no-kill animal shelter based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Barc’s mission is to provide safe haven for the many homeless animals and find permanent, loving homes for them. The operation is made possible by volunteers, donations and revenue generated from their pet supplies business. My friend says they have many great dogs and cats waiting to be adopted. I think what he’s doing is so wonderful and everyone should try it — it must be such a rewarding feeling. If you’re interested, BARC is located at 253 Wythe Avenue (at North 1st Street), Williamsburg Brooklyn in NYC. Click here more for info on BARC.

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The Power of Education

After watching Oprah’s special on Puppy Mills, it breaks my heart even more to see what actually is happening to dogs today. But with that comes great hope, because it just starts with one major show on TV to educate people about a subject that most never even know about. I’m certain that after watching this show, people will make smarter choices about getting a dog. Thank you Oprah and Lisa Ling. Thank you Wayne from the Humane Society of the United States, for bringing this important subject to light. 

Adopt from shelters, one-third of dogs in shelter are pure breeds if you want a specific one. Check out breed rescues, spay and neuter your pets. Save a life and help prevent more from being euthanized (about 15,000 per shelter per year) Think of how many dogs’ and cats’ lives are taken and put into city dumps. Yeah, they dump their poor bodies into the landfill.

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Oprah Unveils Truth About Puppy Mills

picture-6.pngPuppy mills is a factory-breeding business that often employ cruel treatment in atrocious conditions, excessive breeding, repetitive birthing. The mothers and fathers are never bathed, never receive medical care, and are forced to live their entire lives in small cages. Mothers ween so many puppies they develop tumors. The chains around their necks are so embedded into their neck they grow into their skin. They will never roam or run; most never even set foot on pavement. The puppies are pulled from weening so they don’t develop proper immune systems from their mothers’ milk. Most of the puppies will be ill by the time they hit your local pet store, and more than 50% of these puppies get returned or die within the first two year. Oprah did an exposé on her show on Friday April 4, 2008. 


1. If you must buy a puppy, find a responsible breeder or breed rescue, not a puppy “store”.  
2. Instead of buying a puppy, adopt one from a local shelter. Homeless pets are waiting for loving homes. Unfortunately, many shelters euthanize them due to overpopulation. So help save a life!
3.  If you’re brave, go into the pet store and ask them where their puppies come from. Inform them that it’s cruel and how you feel about it. Write to their store manager or spread the word.
4. Visit this page for more info.
5. Sign a pledge!

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