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Make a Difference on Earth Day 2010

The 40th Earth Day is upon us. As we face serious global climate change, take this day to take back planet earth.

You can do many things, for example:

• Plant a small herb garden or a native shrub

• Change all your light bulbs to the curly Qs

• Donate to a wildlife or environmental organization

• Bring all your old laptops to a Best Buy for free recycling

• Shred a bunch of newspaper and magazines for mailing packages, instead of using bubble wrap

• Take a walk and appreciate nature, at a park near you

• Buy organic products, groceries, and don’t forget to bring your grocery bag from home

• Don’t take taxicabs, don’t drive your car

• Unplug all unused appliances as even ones that’s not “on” suck electricity

• Don’t drink bottled water, use a filter instead

• Have your local coffee shop fill your own travel mug, save paper cups

• Save your old batteries and send them for recycling

• Get your friends together and restore a national park refuge

• Go to and get ideas on how to be green. And for everything you shop through there, they contribute their proceeds to plant a tree.

Wear GREEN. It’s not just for St. Patricks Day!


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It’s earth day – and more than ever before, it’s a day of reflection. With the increasingly changing climate, diminishing of natural resources, endangered wildlife, and other critical environmental issues, Earth Day marks the beginning of a new era of people doing something to better this planet for the next generations.

Please do something good for yourself and others (if you haven’t lately) — turn off the lights, recycle, stop and smell the trees or flowers, smoke less,  take a walk instead of driving if you can, pet an animal, donate to meaningful causes, and spread the word.


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