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Victory on Factory Farming

Recently there has been a lot of news on factory farming cruelty exposed by the HSUS in one of the largest recall on cattle meat in recently history. The USDA today announced a complete ban on the slaughter of downed cattle for human consumption. In the past, there had been no real inspection practices in slaughter trails and auctions. Sick and crippled cows, too frail to walk to the slaughter line were electrocuted, kicked, forklifted, and forcefully dragged to be slaughtered—just plain needless torment for the cows. This is not only extremely inhumane but also poses major health risks for people as sick animals subject us to diseases such as ecoli, mad cow diseases.

This is a major victory – now that the loophole is closed we will only hope that this will be carried out. The HSUS and other animal welfare organizations will push for stronger federal legislation to ensure humane euthanasia of downers and protect farm animals from abuse. Read the full article here.

Just because we eat them, doesn’t mean they should suffer and die in such an awful way. We are what we eat. The better we treat the animals, the less chance we will subject ourselves to health risks. Better yet, go organic or become vegetarian.

(photo: a downed cow left to suffer at auction – from HSUS)


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China Cat Massacre

With the Olympics coming, Beijing is getting ready–cleaning up the streets, beautifying the city, demonstrating its industrial power to the world. But one act in particular is outright barbaric– the killings of cats. This is two-fold: 1) the government uses scare tactics by terrifying its citizens that cats carry diseases, into surrendering the animals; and 2) use the Olympics as an excuse to clean up the streets by exterminating them. China has once did this with dogs for fear of rabies and SARS, and the way in which they destroy these poor animals is atrocious.

Without the cats, mice and rats will increase by numbers, and the chances of the rodents carrying and transmitting diseases will be even more detrimental.

Cats are rounded up by the thousands into large crates and trucked off to what animal welfare groups describe as extermination camps on the edges of the city. The estimated number of extermination will be in the half a million, just over a year after the Chinese were criticized for beating and killing stray dogs across the country and selling them for aphrodisiac effects in their meat. The U.K.’s Daily Mail reports that these cats go to the camps, if not destroyed right away, are trapped and crammed into cages and waiting to die slow, agonizing deaths.

Look at the picture above, how does it not break your heart completely? Please help by spreading the word of this atrocity.

UPDATE 12/24/2009

This post has generated a lot of comments, both positive and negative. For those of you who see the China cat massacre as “justified” and “evolutionary” and “normal” and “survival of the fittest” I just want to say, that you have a point. And before you go defending the “human race” in saying that we are animals and we are entitled to eat cats (and other livestock), please try to open your mind to the following:

Humans are animals, and we are at the top of the food chain. In the natural world, as the superior animal, we hunt and eat other animals to survive. This is the order of the world. HOWEVER, we are also the ONLY animal species that has the capability to control what and HOW we kill and eat, unlike. animals they DO it for survival in the natural sense. And because of this conundrum, we as humans have the COGNITIVE power to be responsibly humane. Animals do not torture other animals for food or fur, they merely kill to feed themselves and their young. THIS is a big difference.

I think people who tend to say that this is not a big deal, that people can do whatever they want and treat animals however they want, is missing a gene. It is NOT normal to be okay with cats and dogs to be beaten and treated without mercy. It is NOT okay to not feel anything when you see a dog beaten with a metal stick, its fur being stripped from its body while still alive; a cat being boiled alive or stepped on like rodents. It is NOT okay to pass this kind of thinking onto our children.

Compassion is all we’re advocating for. If you read my post carefully, you will see that more than anything else, it’s about treating even those we eat with some mercy so there is less suffering.

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