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Prop 2 Victory For Animals


photo from HSUS

photo from HSUS

Thank you all for spreading the word about Proposition 2 and especially to those who voted on Nov. 4 in California. The important ballot initiatives was passed yesterday, making history for animals (as well as for electing the first ever African-American president of the U.S.). It will ban some of the worst cruelty to animals raised for food in that state. Read more here… Peta article or Humane Society article


In Massachusetts, Question 3 ballot was also passed, which will ban greyhound racing in that state and completely abolished by 2010. 

Both victories give us hope that other states may follow in the years to come.

Thank goodness for people who still cares about animals in these tough times. There are so many critical and pressing issues in America we need to prioritize for people however it’s amazing that there is a huge voice for animals in the world. Together we can make the world a better place for people AND animals….


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Vote For Prop 2

I’m going to post this again – if you live in California, please vote YES to Proposition 2 on Nov 4. Prop 2 is a bill if passed require the farming industry to handle farm animals humanely, unlike now. This is it — the fate of 20 million farm animals rests on what we do together in the next seven days.

If California voters pass Prop 2 next Tuesday, it will be the greatest victory for farm animals in U.S. history.

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Hormel Charged With Pig Farm Animal Cruelty

A sick pig sprayed down with blue paint by farm workers for no good reason

A sick pig sprayed down with blue paint by farm workers for no good reason

Peta’s investigation in a pig farm resulted in 22 criminal charges against Hormel in the state of Iowa. Pigs are severely abused and suffer from major neglect in ways most unimaginable. Pigs, as other livestock animals in America’s meat farms suffer immense cruelty from being sprayed down with paint, electrocution, neutered without anesthesia to being beaten and kicked like worthless objects. Pigs in particular are extremely intelligent and have been compared to human’s age six—they feel pain, experience love and loss. If you are a meat eater, please go organic, where they roam free and are treated with respect and compassion. Read the full article here.
11/3/08 Addendum

Hormel issued an email blast (at least to petitionists) below disclaiming that the pig farm cruelty expose was not about them, although I went to their site and found no such rebuttal – here is the email (not sure if it’s real or not):

A video was released the evening of September 16, 2008 that showed images from a hog farm in Iowa. It is important to note that the farm in the video is not a Hormel Foods’ farm and the people are not Hormel Foods’ employees.We find the images in this video appalling and they are inconsistent with our standards and industry standards for animal handling.

The abuse on the video depicted practices that are completely unacceptable.

We expect all current suppliers to adhere to the proper animal handling standards from day one and continue to do so throughout our relationship. We are working with our supplier to ensure this activity is no longer taking place, and they are investigating this matter and will take appropriate disciplinary actions, including terminating employees. Underscoring our company’s zero tolerance policy, we have in the past
terminated employees, truckers and contracts with producers when animal welfare issues have arisen.

Animal welfare and animal husbandry have always been top priority at Hormel Foods. This is simply about treating animals humanely because it’s the right thing to do. We take our zero tolerance policy for the inhumane treatment of animals very seriously and have implemented many standards outlined in our responsibility report :

Rochelle Kroc
Manager Of Consumer Response

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Donate to Prop 2 Today – They Need Our Help

Donate here! Please help farm animals in the biggest bill ever in California!

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Slaughtering of Rabbits For Fur

When it comes to anti-fur topics, we often focus on fox, seals, horses, minks and many helpless exotic animals, even tigers. We must not forget about rabbits. Each year in China and France, millions of rabbits are slaughtered for fur. In these horrible conditions, rabbits are often inproperly electrically stunned and hung by their legs , while their throats are slit and bleeding out, they are often still alive, twitching, suffering in the most disheartening ways.

The following video is an undercover video, narrated by Gillian Andersen of the X-files. It exposes the unspeakable cruelty and horror of rabbit slaughter farms in China and France. Whether you’re a fan of PETA or not, this truth is out there. This targets particular Giorgio Armani, one of the largest patron of using rabbit fur for their fashion line. Please take action by filling out this guided letter template to be sent to the fashion house. Please spread the word to your friends, and please read the label on your winter jackets.

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Vote Yes to Proposition 2 to Help Farm Animals

Wayne Parcell from the Humane Society of the U.S. will be on The Ellen DeGeneres show September 26th, (U.S.) to spread the word about Proposition 2 – an anti-cruelty measure that will end inhumane confinement of 20 million farm animals that suffer in tiny cages and crates their entire lives. You can only vote if you live in California, however, if you live elsewhere, you can still learn about this and get the word out to friends and family.

See here for airtime in your area. Ellen will feature this animation on the show as well.

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Pope Speaks for Farm Animals

During his visit to the U.S. Pope Benedict XVI expressed his vision and compassion for all beings, including and particularly of farm animals. PETA has been in close communication with the Vatican about the welfare and exploitation of livestock for as early as the previous Pope. In his speech he said:

“Animals, too, are God’s creatures, and even if they do not have the same direct relation to God that man has, they are creatures of his will, creatures we must respect as companions in creation.”

Farm animals endure extreme cruelty, especially in America. As they are bred for consumption, factory farm industry workers often do not view them as living, breathing, feeling animals, and therefore treat them as objects that could be tortured, controlled, and killed without anesthesia. Cows live in stagnate positions in farms in their own filth for months and years. Their journeys to the slaughterhouse is atrocious, in assembly, with their throats cut, electrocuted, their heads bashed in order to stunned them. Often they die painfully and slowly while being butchered. Pigs live their entire lives in crates so small they cannot move and develop sores. Piglets are pulled from their mothers so early—they are castrated, branded without drugs, and also killed unmercifully. Among these are many other like veal, chickens, lambs (for wool) that suffer needlessly. It’s bad enough we eat them, the least we could do is show a little decency.

We are what we eat. The more suffering an animal endures, the higher the chance it is sick and bad for consumption. Think about it. If you must eat meat, avoid veal and go organic where animals receive kinder treatments, free of radicals and antibiotics, and have had better lives in roaming free.
For more information: visit PETA or Farm Santuary.

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